20 more Magni Roto for Luibl

Luibl Rental & Sales is expanding its rental range with 20 rotating Magni telescopic loaders in various designs up to 39m. Following the mega deal with Manitou, another 20 Magni Roto telehandlers have now been ordered. The first machines were already delivered at the beginning of Q2 this year. The last machines of the order are expected at the end of Q2 2023.

Our new Magni models 

The order from the Italian telescopic forklift manufacturer Magni includes the models:

  • Magni RTH 4.18
  • Magni RTH 5.21
  • Magni RTH 6.21
  • Magni RTH 6.39
  • Magni RTH 7.26

All models are equipped with modern Stage V engines, load monitoring and Magni’s automatic attachment recognition R.F.ID The last activates the appropriate load diagrams for the optimal use of the unit. The folding supports or scissor supports also provide a high degree of stability. 

Depending on the model, the new Magni’s allow a lifting height of between 18 and 39 metres with a load capacity of 4 – 7 tonnes. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for our rental customers. Thanks to the wide range of attachments, such as winch, work basket, shovel or load hook, the telescopic forklift is the ideal companion for construction or industry.

Convincing features 

  • Automatic level adjustment
  • Four-wheel drive
  • R.F.ID
  • Load monitoring
  • Stage V engines
  • Folding props / scissor props

The new Magni Roto telescopic forklifts ensure that you, as a customer of Luibl Rental & Sales, will continue to receive high-quality rental equipment in the future. You can already get other Magni telescopic handlers up to 39 metres lift height as well as Manitou and Merlo telescopic handlers. This means you can choose freely both in terms of designs and brands. Luibl Rental’s other range of special equipment also offers a wide spectrum to both end customers and re-renters. Whether 48m or 57m telescopic platforms, diesel scissor lifts up to 34m or high rack scissor lifts with 28m and 33m. Luibl is the business partner when you need a reliable supplier with high-quality machines, its own low-loader fleet and Europe-wide delivery.

This deal further deepens and strengthens the well-established relationship between Magni and Luibl.

To the new models

Now available throughout Germany 

  • All
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | Städte
  • Schleswig-Holstein | Städte
  • Brandenburg | Städte
  • Niedersachsen | Städte
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen | Städte
  • Sachsen-Anhalt | Städte
  • Saarland | Städte
  • Hessen | Städte
  • Thüringen | Städte
  • Sachsen | Städte
  • Rheinland-Pfalz | Städte
  • Baden-Württemberg | Städte
  • Bayern | Städte

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