30 Merlo for Luibl Rental

Luibl Rental has ordered a large package of 30 telescopic handlers up to 35 metres from Merlo.

Merlo is one of the leading manufacturers of telehandlers in the industry.

It is therefore no surprise that Luibl Rental & Sales is also expanding its partnership with Merlo Germany.

The current order for 30 telescopic handlers demonstrates the company’s ambition as a high-end rental company to continue offering its customers top machines throughout Europe.

The order mainly comprises Roto telehandlers from 16m to 35m and heavy-duty telescopic handlers with a lifting capacity of up to 12 tonnes. Half of the machines have already been delivered and the rest will be delivered in the course of the year.

The following models have been added NEW to the rental fleet:

  • Merlo Roto 40.16
  • Merlo Roto 50.21S
  • Merlo Roto 50.26S
  • Merlo Roto 70.24S
  • Merlo Roto 50.30S Plus
  • Merlo Roto 50.35S Plus
  • Merlo P 30.10L
  • Merlo P 40.14
  • Merlo P 40.17
  • Merlo P 50.18PLUS

In addition to the FULL range of Manitou & Magni telehandlers, Luibl can now also welcome almost all Merlo products in its range.

According to company boss Karl Bauer, this makes Luibl Rental the only provider in Europe that can serve its customers with a FULL range of Roto telehandlers from all three major brands.

Luibl Rental & Sales is thus further expanding its product portfolio in order to be able to support construction companies in handling large-scale projects. Roto telescopic forklifts are available for hire throughout Europe with a lifting height of 39 metres and a load capacity of 8 tonnes.