Jetzt in Baden Teleskopstapler, Arbeitsbühnen und Stapler mieten!

Construction machinery hire in Baden with Luibl

You want construction machinery, telehandlers or hire work platforms for your next construction project in Baden or the surrounding area at a fair price? Then you are very welcome to join us! We offer a wide range of telescopic handlers, forklifts, excavators, working platforms and other construction machinery from renowned manufacturers, such as Merlo and Manitou, with high quality and matching attachments. No matter what working height, reach, attachments or load capacity you want to hire, our flexible hire service will always offer you the right machine for your individual requirements on request.

lifting height: 4,30 m
capacity: 3500 kg
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 17,5 m
lateral reach: 13,50 m
capacity: 5000 kg
dimensions: 6,19m x 2,55m x 2,54m
engine: Diesel


working height: 15,70 m
capacity: 250 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


lifting height: 4.80 m
capacity: 3000 kg
engine: electric


lifting height: 5 m
capacity: 10.000 kg
engine: electric


working height: 22.5 m
capacity: 450 kg
platform size: (5.48m) 3.98m x 1.19m
engine: electric


working height: 28,00 m
capacity: 1000 kg
platform size: (9,60m) 6,50 m x 2,50m
engine: Diesel


working height: 19 m
capacity: 680 kg
platform size: (6,06m) 4,06m x 2,00m
engine: electric


working height: 12 m
capacity: 320 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


Teleskoplader Miete in Baden 

In der Stadt kommen Baumaschinen wie Teleskoplader und Teleskopstapler zum Einsatz. Unser Mietpark bietet Kunden eine große Auswahl an mobilen Teleskopladern und Teleskopstapler an, die wir zu einem fairen und transparenten Preis vermieten. Unserer Geräte entsprechen dem neusten Stand der Technik und haben einen erstklassige Ausstattung, was die Arbeit bei Ihrem Projekt erleichtert. Der Rental Service Luibl leiht Ihnen drehbare Teleskopstapler als auch starre Teleskoplader aus. Unter den drehbaren Modellen sind besonders die Merlo Roto Modelle bekannt. Merlo ist ein italienischer Teleskoplader/ Teleskopstapler Hersteller, welche Sie bei uns mieten können. Unsere Teleskopstapler bzw. Teleskoplader verfügen über Allrad antrieb und sind drehbar, was den Einsatz auf jeder badischen Baustelle ermöglicht.

Bauarten im Mietpark:

o   Roto-Teleskoplader

o   Teleskoplader Starr

o   Schwerlast Teleskoplader

The design of a telescopic handler is characterised by the telescopic machine, with the help of which a Merlo telescopic handler can reliably reach a lifting height of up to 18 metres. We also have suitable machines with maximum lifting height and reach for use on difficult terrain, which you can rent. The Merlo P40 reaches 17 m lifting height with its rigid boom. Our top-of-the-range telescopic handler/telescopic forklift has a rotating design and can reach a maximum lifting height of 37 metres. At these working heights, transporting a load at your site is quick and feasible without a crane. Our Merlo machines are state of the art and, thanks to a wide range of accessories, suitable for lifting all types of loads. The Magni RTH is a powerful telescopic handler, just like the Manitou MRT and the Merlo Roto 45.21. These Roto telescopic handlers are suitable for a wide range of tasks. Telehandlers are indispensable in the construction machinery sector. The telescopic forklift enables flexible height adjustment, while the telescopic stacker is used in both agriculture and the construction industry. The rigid design makes these devices particularly safe to use. Send us an enquiry and nothing stands in the way of renting or selling.

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Work platform hire Baden

Working platforms or cherry pickers are an indispensable tool for many industries in the city of Baden, from construction to maintenance. They allow workers to reach high places safely at a low rental price and make their work more efficient and productive. Luibl is a company that specialises in the rental of work platforms, including telescopic work platforms, articulated telescopic work platforms, truck platforms or scissor lifts. Luibl’s hire service and expertise is ideal for companies that need work platforms for short-term projects or occasional use. Hiring a working platform from Luibl is a cost-effective solution, as companies do not have to invest in buying their own equipment and do not have to worry about maintenance costs. We offer companies in Baden a wide range of work platforms that meet their specific requirements and have a high handling capacity. Whether it’s a small scissor lift or a large articulated telescopic platform, Luibl has the right working platform for the job. Crawler working platforms and special working platforms with maximum working height and low dead weight are also available on request. With our work platforms and lifting platforms, you can move construction machinery and workers to a working height of up to 57 metres high and a reach of 24 metres. The Genie SX 180 telescopic platform offers this exceptional working height at a low rental price. At this height, you have to be able to fully rely on the platform, which is why we never deliver our work platforms from leading manufacturers to a site without checking them. Luibl takes the issue of safety in working platforms very seriously and ensures that all construction machines are properly maintained and inspected before each rental. This gives regional companies the certainty that their employees are working with safe and reliable equipment thanks to regular maintenance.

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Forklift hire Baden

Luibl has many years of experience in the hire of enclosed forklift trucks in the city of Baden. Forklifts are available from us in a wide variety of designs, depending on lifting height, reach and load capacity. Rental forklifts offer the advantage of renting a truck and the corresponding attachments for your purpose in the city of Baden at a fair price. Dieselstapler sind Gabelstapler mit ausgezeichneter Tragfähigkeit. Whether for the old town area or the countryside, at Luibl you can always rent the right forklift and other machines. For example, if you are in the urban region of Baden and need a suitable forklift for a confined space, you will always have the right machine at your side with our forklift hire in Baden. Our forklift trucks/rental trucks are regularly serviced down to the smallest detail before these construction machines are rented out. With a maximum load capacity of 1.5 tonnes and a lifting height of 6 metres, the smallest forklift truck in the Baden rental park offers a practical overall concept for a forklift truck that you can rent. Mid-range hire forklifts offer four times the lifting capacity at the same lifting height.

Drive types

o Electric

o Diesel

o Hybrid

The different types of enclosed forklift trucks can also be categorised according to drive type into electric forklifts, gas forklifts or diesel forklifts and therefore always have the right energy system available. Rental forklifts with electric drive are emission-free and quiet to use inside companies, but are not inferior to other forklifts in any way. These rental forklifts can also be divided into 3-wheel electric forklifts and 4-wheel electric forklifts. 3-wheel stackers and V-stackers are particularly manoeuvrable forklift trucks and can be turned almost on the spot. Forklift trucks or electric forklift trucks of this type are particularly popular with customers in the city and on cramped construction sites in Baden. Unser schwerster 3-Rad-Gabelstapler wiegt 2 Tonnen, was dem Gerät einen festen Stand verleiht. On the other hand, electric 4-wheel forklifts offer more load capacity. Our best model of electric 4-wheel forklift available for hire is the Kalmar ECF 80-9, an enclosed forklift that can carry a load of up to 8 tonnes to a working height of 4 metres. Rental forklifts with more ground clearance are an advantage in the area surrounding the city of Baden. These all-wheel drive all-terrain forklifts are equipped with special tyres. The Ausa C500H x4 is an all-terrain forklift/rental forklift with a capacity of 5 tonnes, which is top of the range among forklifts of this type. The advantage of working with forklifts in top condition compared to telescopic handlers is their enormous manoeuvrability and stability. Forklift trucks and other of our construction machines offer additional safety on construction sites in Baden. Send us a short enquiry and you will benefit from hiring a forklift truck.

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Hire one of our forklifts and simplify your work by a lot

Forklifts are also often used in small and large companies. These strong machines have a unique carrying capacity and are wonderfully suited for working with heavy loads. This saves you time-consuming work and allows you to transport the materials flexibly and safely. Our rental service offers industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts and heavy duty forklifts. For example, our Kalmar heavy-duty forklifts are optimal for loading a truck and they can withstand quite a bit of weight. This powerful machine can lift up to 16,000 kg! For uneven terrain, potholes or mud, our all-terrain forklifts are, as the name suggests, very capable of off-road use. They also perform exceptionally well in confined spaces and have a range of accessories that we can send you if required. For logistics tasks or storage tasks around the company, we also have front stackers with various drives that reliably take the loads off your hands. Send us your request and make your work easier with our forklifts. In addition to forklifts, you will also find ravishing construction machines for the building site, which convince our customers time and again for earthworks and removal of soil, gravel, rubble.

For all economic sectors: Rent work platforms & telehandlers in Baden

Working platforms are characterised by their working height of well over 30 metres and their flexibility of use. All our stages are easy to operate and can also be used by private individuals with a little instruction. Depending on the design, they can be used in house construction, building cleaning, electrical installation, ventilation installation and maintenance as well as in department stores or other buildings. Take advantage of the versatility of the stages and provide yourself with the right working materials. Our telescopic handlers, on the other hand, are available as fixed or rotating machines. Rotating telehandlers are always useful when space is limited and all-round work is required.

There are also heavy-duty forklift trucks, which have also become established on many construction sites. Take advantage of the offers and get the best advice. Such forklifts are used in department stores, in agriculture and in the logistics sector. They can also be used on ships or in other areas. Do you have questions about the individual construction machines? We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions professionally.

Telescopic handlers in our range:

  • Rigid telescopic handler
  • Telehandler roto
  • Heavy-duty telescopic forklift

All of these telescopic handlers have a wide range of attachments.

Of course, you can also get advice from our team on site and find our clearly listed models online. We are looking forward to seeing you!