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Rent access platforms, forklifts & telescopic handlers in Chemnitz and surrounding area

Chemnitz is an independent city located in the west of the Free State of Saxony. After Leipzig and Dresden, Chemnitz in Saxony is the third largest city in the region with almost 250,000 inhabitants. Chemnitz is divided into 39 districts. These also include Adelsberg, Rabenstein, Mittelbach, Röhrsdorf, Ebersdorf, Hilbersdorf and Klaffenbach.

lifting height: 4,30 m
capacity: 3500 kg
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 17,5 m
lateral reach: 13,50 m
capacity: 5000 kg
dimensions: 6,19m x 2,55m x 2,54m
engine: Diesel


working height: 15,70 m
capacity: 250 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


lifting height: 4.80 m
capacity: 3000 kg
engine: electric


lifting height: 5 m
capacity: 10.000 kg
engine: electric


working height: 22.5 m
capacity: 450 kg
platform size: (5.48m) 3.98m x 1.19m
engine: electric


working height: 28,00 m
capacity: 1000 kg
platform size: (9,60m) 6,50 m x 2,50m
engine: Diesel


working height: 19 m
capacity: 680 kg
platform size: (6,06m) 4,06m x 2,00m
engine: electric


working height: 12 m
capacity: 320 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


Die Stadt hat ihren Namen durch den Fluss erhalten, der dort in der Nähe verläuft und nahe des Erzgebirges liegt. Bekannt ist die Region durch ihre historischen Gebäude. Hinzukommt die Besichtigungsmöglichkeit des Wasserschlosses Klaffenbach. Umliegende Regionen wie Hohenstein-Ernstthal und Limbach-Oberfrohna sind ebenso beliebt. 

Bei einer Maschinenmiete der Luibl GmbH in Chemnitz erhalten Sie nicht nur Frontstapler Elektro sondern auch Scherenbühnen Elektro oder profitieren von kurzfristigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Roto Teleskopstapler. Außerdem bieten wir Ihnen mit unserem Mietangebot eine große Auswahl Scherenbühnen DieselGeländestapler sowie Frontstapler Diesel für Ihre individuellen Projekte an.

Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt und informieren Sie sich zu unseren sofort verfügbaren Arbeitsbühnen und Stapler in Chemnitz. Wir vermieten auch eine Auswahl an Baumaschinen und erstklassige Teleskopstapler.

Stay more competitive thanks to work platforms & telescopic handlers from Luibl

With Luibl’s rental offer, you as an entrepreneur remain flexible and at the same time more competitive in all business sectors. A big gain. Take advantage of the rental of vehicles and equipment with different lifting heights at top prices. You can also get attachments for many machines from us.

The Chemnitz region in Saxony has reached a broad economic sector with its companies. In addition to the health care industry, companies can be found in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Supplier company
  • Microsystems Technology
  • Retail
  • Service area+
  • Exhibition stand construction

In each of these companies, work platforms & telescopic forklifts can be used. Trade fair construction alone requires good and efficient equipment such as the working platform or the telescopic forklift. In retail and healthcare, indoor units are especially good for performing maintenance on vents and other areas.

In addition to working platforms and telescopic forklifts, we also rent out

  • Scissor lifts
  • Truck mounted platforms
  • Mast platforms
  • Chain platforms
  • Articulated telescopic platforms
  • rotating telehandlers
  • rotataing telescopic handler
  • Heavy-duty telescopic forklift
  • Rigid telescopic handler

and many other models.

Of course, you will also find a clear listing and selection of our devices online. We are also happy to advise you on our rental services on site in Chemnitz by appointment.

Working platforms & rental forklifts also available in the Chemnitz area

Of course, you can get our machines not only in Chemnitz, but also in your area. The Chemnitz area includes, for example, Lichtenau, Amtsberg, Neukirchen, Callenberg, Oberlungwitz, Niederwiesa and Augustusburg. 

We supply our equipment throughout Europe and look forward to being a helping hand at your construction site!

Rent boom lifts & telescopic handlers in Chemnitz

Rent boom lifts & telehandlers in Chemnitz and equip yourself according to your needs. In the past, companies had to buy vehicles of this type over and over again. However, this means that the acquisition costs were high, which was reflected in labor prices and other factors. Today you can rent boom lifts & telehandlers in Chemnitz and the surrounding area at top prices. Come from Hohenstein-Ernstthal or Limbach-Oberfrohna, call and rent the vehicles. We make sure that your company can rent the working platforms & telescopic forklifts in Chemnitz, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Flöha and the surrounding country. These are delivered directly to you after a rental agreement is signed. You as an entrepreneur have as no further workload.

Our lifting platforms are among the most popular products due to their various and numerous applications. They are suitable indoors and outdoors and do their job even on uneven terrain and indoor work without damaging your floor. However, our telescopic forklifts are also very often rented by our customers. This is due to the fact that we offer many different types of this device. First, there’s the heavy-duty forklift. This can lift up to a full 16,000 kg and is therefore ideal for sword-carrying loads. In addition, it also simplifies the flexible and safe transport of your materials onto a truck. If you are working on a construction site with uneven terrain or many potholes and mud, we recommend our rough terrain forklift. This works effectively even in confined spaces and has additional accessories, which we will be happy to send you if required. However, if you are dealing with logistics and warehousing tasks, we offer you our front loader with different drives. 

Rent boom lifts & telescopic handlers in Chemnitz today and start working tomorrow

Rent boom lifts & telehandlers in Chemnitz and start your new planning immediately. Take a look at the work platforms & telescopic forklifts on our website and see for yourself. You can find the data about the vehicles on our website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer all open questions. Check availability and make a request, we will do the rest for you.