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Hire construction machinery in Nabburg 

You can also hire construction machinery and equipment in your city quickly and easily from Luibl Rental & Sales. We hire out forklifts, telehandlers/telescopic forklifts, excavators, lifting platforms and wheel loaders in Nabburg at a fair rental price. Our hire is customised for each customer, so you always get the right construction machine for your job in Nabburg. 

lifting height: 4,30 m
capacity: 3500 kg
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 17,5 m
lateral reach: 13,50 m
capacity: 5000 kg
dimensions: 6,19m x 2,55m x 2,54m
engine: Diesel


working height: 15,70 m
capacity: 250 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


lifting height: 4.80 m
capacity: 3000 kg
engine: electric


lifting height: 5 m
capacity: 10.000 kg
engine: electric


working height: 22.5 m
capacity: 450 kg
platform size: (5.48m) 3.98m x 1.19m
engine: electric


working height: 28,00 m
capacity: 1000 kg
platform size: (9,60m) 6,50 m x 2,50m
engine: Diesel


working height: 19 m
capacity: 680 kg
platform size: (6,06m) 4,06m x 2,00m
engine: electric


working height: 12 m
capacity: 320 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


The companies in Nabburg include

  • Inotech Kunststofftechnik GmbH
  • Werotec-Nabburg GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kennametal Hertel AG
  • emz Hanauer GmbH & Co. KG

und noch ein paar weitere.

Now you can also hire our work platforms and telescopic forklifts in Nabburg

Even in rather small towns like Nabburg, some projects are being realised. To be able to help you with these projects, we now also offer our models in Nabburg. Some of these models also come from global brands such as Manitou, Niftylift, Genie, Haloutte and many more. Our work platform and telescopic forklift are among our most popular models, as they work effectively and safely on your construction site.

The work platform has a number of possible uses, making it very popular with our customers. From indoor and outdoor areas to uneven terrain and indoor work, everything is included. Despite its effective and powerful work, it does not damage your floors. Hire our professional work platforms now and get started on your dream construction project!

Work platform hire in Nabburg 

Working platforms are essential for every worker working at height. Our customers in Nabburg and throughout Germany hire work platforms for maintenance work, repairs or other maintenance work in hard-to-reach locations. At Luibl you can hire aerial work platforms and benefit from our large selection of high-quality aerial work platforms for all needs. We offer the right aerial work platform with the ideal lifting height for every location, whether you are looking for a scissor lift, a cherry picker or a special working platform for difficult applications. Our lifting platforms are of high quality and offer a working height of up to 57 metres and a lateral reach of up to 24 metres. Thanks to their low dead weight, our telescopic boom lifts and articulated telescopic boom lifts are particularly flexible to use at any working height. We offer working platforms nationwide at fair rental prices and will be happy to provide you with a suitable working platform for your site. Whether you need a crawler boom lift for rough terrain in Nabburg or a scissor lift or articulating telescopic boom lift for indoor use, we have the right machine for you at a fair price. We attach great importance to the regular maintenance of our equipment and working platforms so that you can always work safely. Our experienced technicians ensure that all lifts are always in perfect condition. Request your non-binding enquiry about working platforms now and let us advise you. We will find you the ideal working platform for your work and support you in achieving your goals. In the data sheets for the respective correct working platforms you will find details on the working height and load capacity of our working platforms and construction equipment. Thanks to many years of experience, we always have the right equipment for you. They also have a high degree of flexibility when a special working platform is needed and we can help you with personal advice in no time at all. More information about our offer can be found on our website.


Telescopic loader rent 

Luibl is your reliable and flexible partner in Nabburg for the hire of telescopic forklifts and telehandlers from Manitou, Magni, Merlo and other manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of construction machinery and vehicles to optimally equip your construction site. The telescopic machines have a telescopic arm that allows a maximum lifting height of almost 40 metres. On the Luibl website you will find the exact details of the lifting height and reach of each individual machine. There are two types of telehandlers: rigid and rotating. Luibl offers both rigid and rotating telescopic handlers with all-wheel drive for optimal work on uneven terrain. Luibl’s rigid telescopic forklifts/telescopic handlers offer a lifting height of up to 19 meters and a reach of up to 14 meters. They are less expensive than the rotating telescopic handlers, but capable of enormous lifting capacity at any lifting height. Alongside Manitou, Merlo is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopic forklifts. The rotatable design and all-wheel drive make Luibl’s machines particularly flexible and ideal for use on tight construction sites. Merlo’s rotating telescopic handlers, such as the Merlo Roto, can be used as mobile cranes thanks to their working height. Thanks to the rigid construction of the body, they are stable and precisely controllable in height. Merlo telescopic handlers offer a particularly high lifting capacity and are technically state-of-the-art. If you need suitable attachments for your telescopic loader or telescopic forklift, this is no problem at Luibl. The company offers a wide range of accessories such as lifting platforms or winches for hire to facilitate your telescopic loader/handler operations. Request your individual offer for a telescopic loader/ telescopic forklift today by enquiry and benefit from Luibl’s excellent service and favourable prices. The experienced staff will be happy to provide you with full advice on selecting the right machine for your needs. Popular models include the Magni RTH and Manitou MRT models, the Merlo P40 and Merlo Roto 45.21. At Luibl you get everything from a single source – from rental and know-how to transport and technical equipment. If you don’t want to hire a telehandler in Nabburg, the company also offers telehandlers and other construction machinery for sale.


Hire forklifts at Luibl

If you want to hire a forklift or stacker in Nabburg, then you’ve come to the right place! We offer a comprehensive selection of forklifts or stackers for hire, even at short notice and at any time. With us you will find the right equipment from renowned manufacturers for your needs at an unbeatable price, whether you need a diesel forklift, an electric forklift or a reach truck. Forklifts or rental forklifts are worth considering as they offer a small turning circle and high stability when transporting several tonnes. Our electric forklifts are particularly advantageous indoors, as they can be moved emission-free and quietly. Tonnes of loads can be loaded even more agilely with reach trucks. With our all-round carefree package, you can easily and quickly rent the right forklift truck for your needs. We have the right forklift truck for every transport as well as work platforms, lifting platforms and high-lift trucks from a wide range of manufacturers available for hire. All our diesel forklifts or stackers have a reliable drive and are always up to date. We also offer necessary accessories and attachments for our industrial trucks. The rental of enclosed forklift trucks or stackers, high-lift trucks and other vehicles is not only a business for us, but also a commitment to provide our customers with the best possible equipment or suitable forklift truck at a favourable rental price at all times.

We will be happy to recommend the best rental forklift for your application and are also available to assist you at short notice. As a company, we know how important it is to always be flexible. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to rent our forklift trucks or rental forklifts individually. So if you ever have to transport several tonnes in the Federal Republic or need a special attachment, we are there for you. Rent your personal forklift or stacker at Luibl now and benefit from our advantages. We are at your disposal with our extensive service around rental forklifts and stackers and will be happy to help you. Just tell us what you need the forklift or stacker for and we will deliver the ideal rental forklift. If you are not interested in hiring a forklift or construction machine in Nabburg, vehicles and necessary accessories in top condition are also available within our reach on request. If you are not sure which forklift or stacker is best suited to your needs, you can rely on the expertise and advice of our experts. Our range of forklifts and stackers also include the option to hire or even buy the equipment on a long-term basis. We ensure that all our forklift trucks and stackers are regularly serviced to ensure high operational safety and performance.

Hire additional construction machinery in Nabburg 

In addition to forklifts and working platforms, you can also hire construction equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders and mini-excavators with the right attachments thanks to our extensive rental park. On request, we deliver to any building project at a small price. Mini excavators and excavators of any working height are needed for projects with a lot of excavated earth. If you have work to do in the garden, we recommend a mini-excavator. Even for laymen, the operation of a mini-excavator/mobile excavator is no problem with a short introduction. For our large excavators, you can get training on request for hire. The town of Nabburg in the Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, is surrounded by picturesque beauty. It lies in the heart of the Upper Palatinate Forest and is surrounded by idyllic towns such as Pfreimd, Schwarzenfeld and Perschen. The Upper Palatinate region is characterised by its breathtaking landscape and offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation in nature. The town of Nabburg itself is known for its historical charm and attracts visitors with its well-preserved medieval buildings and narrow streets. The town of Schwarzach, with its rural atmosphere and inviting Bavarian flair, is also nearby. Another interesting place nearby is Wernberg-Köblitz, which impresses with its imposing castle and rich history.