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the city of Regenstauf

Regenstauf is a market town with over 16,000 inhabitants in the Upper Palatinate district of Regensburg in Bavaria. As the largest municipality in the district, Regenstauf is the economic and cultural centre of the northern part of the district. Today Regenstauf is an important centre for schools, industry and commerce. The market is divided into 87 districts, some of which are Brunnhaus, Diesenbach, Eitlbrunn, Forstberg, Grafenwinn, Hagenau, Hirschling, Karlstein, Kleinramspau, Loch, Marienthal, Oberhof, Ramspau, Spindlhof, Steinsberg and Wieden. You can hire a machine for your construction site in each of these districts. Working platforms are an important piece of equipment on any construction site with tall buildings. So hire a lifting platform from our wide range for your construction site now. The high-rack scissor lift is a popular model of lift. Telescopic handlers such as the rotating Roto telescopic handler from high-quality top brands such as Manitou, Merlo or Magni are also in high demand.

working height: 17 m
lateral reach: 7.5 m
capacity: 200 kg
engine: Bi-Energy


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Luibl ID: 2114

construction year: 2021
operating hours: 40 h
working height: 10 m
platform size: (3.30m) 2.30m x 1.15m
capacity: 450 kg
engine: electric
weight: 2520 kg


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lifting height: 34.70 m
lateral reach: 28 m
capacity: 7000 kg
dimensions: 8.86m x 2.50m x 3.26m
engine: Diesel


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working height: 27 m
lateral reach: 14 m
capacity: 250 kg
engine: Bi-Energy


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Mieten Sie hochwertige Maschinen in Regenstauf

Bei einer Maschinenmiete der Luibl GmbH in Regenstauf erhalten Sie nicht nur Frontstapler Elektro sondern auch Roto Teleskopstapler oder profitieren von kurzfristigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Ketten­arbeitsbühnen. Außerdem bieten wir Ihnen mit unserem Mietangebot eine große Auswahl Scherenbühnen ElektroGelenkteleskop Bühnen Diesel sowie Geländestapler für Ihre individuellen Projekte an.

Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt und informieren Sie sich zu unseren sofort verfügbaren Arbeitsbühnen und Stapler in Regenstauf. Wir vermieten auch eine Auswahl an Baumaschinen und erstklassige Teleskopstapler.

Companies based in Regenstauf

  • Cadmium GmbH Solutioncenter für CAD & Cam
  • Jura-Bau e.K.
  • Ludwig Bohrer Maschinenbau GmbH
  • SHM Stegherr GmbH
  • Grünbauer GmbH
  • Innok Robotics GmbH
  • DioVision Systems GmbH
  • AICHER Holzbau GmbH
  • Schreinerei Neumeier

and many more.

These companies regularly need machines to carry out logistics tasks, for example. They rely on a hire service like us to save costs and benefit from many advantages. They also hire forklift trucks to carry heavy loads or lifting platforms to work at heights.

Rent our machines now also in Regenstauf

Many projects and development plans are also being created in large markets such as Regenstauf. We would be happy to support you in this by making our machines available for hire. Some of these come from well-known global brands such as Manitou, Niftylift, Genie, Haloutte and many more. Our most frequently hired machines also include our work platforms and telescopic forklifts. These fulfil the work on your construction site safely and effectively.

Our work platforms can be used in a wide range of applications, which quickly attracts the attention of our customers. Our work platforms not only work successfully indoors and outdoors, but also on uneven floors and indoor work without damaging your floors. Our telescopic handlers are very flexible and can be used in many different situations. The telescopic handlers are also very manoeuvrable and powerful. Hire our excellent machines now and simplify work on your construction site!

In addition to work platforms and telescopic forklifts, you can also hire them from us:

  • Rigid telescopic handlers
  • rotataing telescopic handler
  • Heavy-duty telescopic forklift
  • Chain platforms
  • Mast platforms
  • Truck mounted platforms
  • Scissor lifts
  • Articulated telescopic platforms
  • Rotating telehandler

and many more.

We have a very large selection of work platforms. For example, you can hire an electric work platform with non-marking tyres especially for use on indoor floors. You can also hire a diesel work platform for outdoor use. With a diesel working platform, you have more power even on uneven ground. We also have work platforms with a lifting height of up to 30 metres. In general, we have a very large selection of work platforms that you can hire. 

Of course, you can also easily find a clear list and selection of our appliances online. If you prefer a personal meeting, you can arrange a consultation with us about our on-site hire service in Regenstauf.

Rent a telescopic forklift for your construction site

Most of our telehandlers have a powerful all-wheel drive.  A small telehandler naturally has other advantages than a large telehandler. For example, a small telehandler is very flexible and manoeuvrable. In general, all telescopic handlers in our fleet have a small turning circle. For example, we have rigid telescopic handlers for simple loading work with the bucket, or we have rotating telescopic handlers, which you can use as a cable crane, for example. We have telescopic handlers with a wide range of features. Many of the rotating telehandlers also have the option of extending scissor supports,  giving the telehandlers a secure hold. In addition, most of our telehandlers are equipped with heating and air conditioning so that they can work in all temperatures. Wir besitzen kleine und große Telelader. All of our telehandlers are from high-quality brands such as Genie, Merlo, Manitou and Magni.  Telehandlers are important machines and are usually a must on a real construction site. We have many telescopic handlers for you to choose from. To know which telescopic handler exactly you need, you can contact us to be advised.

The work platform for exactly your tasks

A working platform can support you on a construction site with high buildings and help you to transport loads or people up high. Also have working platforms with various lifting heights. We have working platforms with a maximum lifting height of 5 meters and we have working platforms with a maximum lifting height of 35 meters. In our fleet are also working platforms, which have a special non-marking tire coating. We have working platforms in many different variations. For example, we have working platforms with diesel or electric drive. An electric drive on a working platform not only ensures environmentally friendly operation, but also quiet operation. This means that you can work with an electric work platform even in noise-sensitive environments.   This ensures that the work platform does not leave any marks on hall floors. Our working platforms are designed for indoor and outdoor use. We also have working platforms, which are specially designed for outdoor use. In total, we have more than 20+ working platforms. There is sure to be the right one for you! If you are looking for a consultation to find out exactly which work platform you need, you can easily contact us.

A forklift truck for your project

The more often forklifts are used in small and large companies. These strong machines have a unique carrying capacity and are wonderfully suited for working with heavy loads. This saves you time-consuming work and allows you to transport the materials flexibly and safely. For example, our heavy-duty forklifts are optimal for loading a truck and they can withstand quite a bit of weight. This powerful machine can lift up to 16,000 kg! For uneven terrain, potholes or mud, our all-terrain forklifts are, as the name suggests, very capable of off-road use. Work in high-bay racking possible. They also perform exceptionally well in confined spaces and have a range of accessories that we can send you if required. For logistics tasks or storage tasks around the company, we also have front stackers with various drives that reliably take the loads off your hands. Send us your request and make your work easier with our forklifts. In addition to forklifts, you will also find ravishing construction machines for the building site, which convince our customers time and again for earthworks and removal of soil, gravel, rubble. All this could soon be yours, too, with the rental of Luibl. Discover the rental range now and see for yourself!

Professional hire of our machines also in the Regenstauf area

Of course, you can also hire our rental machines such as our work platforms and forklifts in your town or in the vicinity of Regenstauf, e.g. Asing, Birkenzant, Buchenlohe, Danersdorf, Diesenbach, Drackenstein, Edlhausen, Eichlberg

and many more. We supply our rental equipment throughout Europe and look forward to helping you and providing you with great rental machines! Please do not hesitate to contact us.