Jetzt auch in Schierling Arbeitsbühnen und Teleskopstapler mieten

The Schierling market

The market town of Schierling is located in the Upper Palatinate district of Regensburg in Bavaria with a population of just under 8,100 and is an important commercial centre and the southernmost municipality in the Upper Palatinate. The districts in Schierling include Allersdorf, Birnbach, Buchhausen, Eggmühl, Inkofen bei Pfakofen, Kraxenhöfen and 20 more. Hire our work platforms, telehandlers, telescopic handlers, boom lifts and other excellent machines in Schierling now!

lifting height: 4,30 m
capacity: 3500 kg
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 17,5 m
lateral reach: 13,50 m
capacity: 5000 kg
dimensions: 6,19m x 2,55m x 2,54m
engine: Diesel


working height: 15,70 m
capacity: 250 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


lifting height: 4.80 m
capacity: 3000 kg
engine: electric


lifting height: 5 m
capacity: 10.000 kg
engine: electric


working height: 22.5 m
capacity: 450 kg
platform size: (5.48m) 3.98m x 1.19m
engine: electric


working height: 28,00 m
capacity: 1000 kg
platform size: (9,60m) 6,50 m x 2,50m
engine: Diesel


working height: 19 m
capacity: 680 kg
platform size: (6,06m) 4,06m x 2,00m
engine: electric


working height: 12 m
capacity: 320 kg
platform size: (3,17m) 2,27m x 1,12m
engine: electric


Mieten Sie hochwertige Maschinen in Schierling

Bei einer Maschinenmiete der Luibl GmbH in Schierling erhalten Sie nicht nur Roto Teleskopstapler sondern auch Gelenkteleskop Bühnen Diesel oder profitieren von kurzfristigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Frontstapler Diesel. Außerdem bieten wir Ihnen mit unserem Mietangebot eine große Auswahl GeländestaplerRadlader sowie für Ihre individuellen Projekte an.

Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt und informieren Sie sich zu unseren sofort verfügbaren Arbeitsbühnen und Stapler in Schierling. Wir vermieten auch eine Auswahl an Baumaschinen und erstklassige Teleskopstapler.

Ansässige Unternehmen in Schierling sind

  • Gebäudeautomation Grabmann GmbH
  • Liebl Maschinenbau GmbH
  • SMP Performance Werk Schierling
  • SMB Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Alzinger Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Gebr. Ademaj GmbH
  • Kössinger AG & Co. KG
  • SMP Automotive Exterieur GmbH

und noch einige weitere Firmen.

Our work platforms and telescopic forklifts can now also be hired in Schierling

Projects are also often created in this somewhat smaller town. As we are happy to support you with your plans, we now also offer our machines in Schierling. These come from well-known global brands such as Manitou, Niftylift, Genie, Haloutte and many more. Our most frequently hired models include our telescopic forklift and our work platform. These fulfil your desired construction safely and effectively.

Our work platform is particularly popular with our customers due to its many possible applications. It is often used for indoor and outdoor areas and is also popular for uneven terrain and indoor work, as it works powerfully and effectively without damaging your floors. Realise your dream construction plan soon by hiring our professional working platform now!

Not only telescopic forklifts and work platforms are at your disposal, but also:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Truck mounted platforms
  • Mast platforms
  • Chain platforms
  • Articulated telescopic platforms
  • rotating telehandlers
  • rotataing telescopic handler
  • Heavy-duty telescopic forklift
  • Rigid telescopic handler

and many other models.

Of course, we also offer you a clear list and selection of all our appliances online or you can arrange a consultation with us for our on-site hire service in Schierling.

Simplify your plans by hiring scissor lifts and telescopic forklifts

In Schierling, too, the number of projects undertaken is increasing all the time. It is not uncommon for our scissor lifts to be in high demand. Above all, they make themselves popular by being a platform not only for people but also for material and tools. What’s more, it has a high payload of up to 600 kg and sensitive controls. This type of work platform is also very versatile. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and fulfils its task effectively and safely at all times.  However, it is not only the scissor lifts that are well received, but also the telescopic forklifts. One of these models are heavy-duty forklifts, which are useful for heavy loads and are suitable for the safe and flexible transport of your materials onto a lorry. They can also lift up to 16,000 kg. Another model is the all-terrain forklift, which is particularly suitable for uneven ground, potholes and construction sites with a lot of mud. It continues to work very effectively and safely in confined spaces. Additional accessories will be sent to you on request. You can also hire our front loader with various drives, which is suitable for logistics and warehouse tasks.

Contact our hire service now and secure help for your construction site! Our forklifts also include our construction machinery, which can be used to effectively and easily complete your earthworks and remove rubble, gravel and soil. Convince yourself now of our Luibl hire service and join the countless satisfied customers!

A powerful and efficient work platform exactly for your job

A lifting platform can not only support you on a construction site with high buildings, but can also help you to transport loads or people upwards. We also offer lifting platforms with a wide range of lifting heights. We have work platforms with a maximum lifting height of 5 metres and some scissor lifts with a maximum lifting height of 35 metres. Our fleet also includes work platforms with a special non-marking tyre coating. We have scissor lifts in many different variations. For example, we have aerial work platforms with diesel or electric drives. An electric drive on a work platform not only ensures environmentally friendly operation, but also quiet working. This means that you can also work with an electric tail lift in noise-sensitive environments. Our work platforms are designed for indoor and outdoor use. We also have scissor lifts that have been specially designed for outdoor use. In total, we have more than 20+ working platforms. You’re sure to find the right one for you! If you are looking for advice to find out exactly which lift you need, you can simply contact us.

Our work platform and forklift hire services are also available in the Schierling area

Of course, our hire service is also available in your town and in the Schierling area. The area around Schierling includes the neighbouring communities of Hausen, Bad Abbach, Alteglofsheim, Aufhausen, Köfering, Obertraubling and a few other places.

Our models are supplied throughout Europe and we look forward to being of assistance to you on your construction site! Get in touch with us and hire one of our professional devices!

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.