Heavyweight: 18 tonnes Kalmar forklift for Luibl

We are expanding our rental offer with the 18 tonne heavy duty forklift truck from Kalmar. The machine is equipped with Stage V engine and non-marking tyres.

Heavyweight: We are also adding to the forklift truck range with an 18-tonne heavy-duty forklift truck from Kalmar. The Kalmar DCG 180-6T is characterised on the one hand by its high payload of 18,000 kg with a load centre of 600 mm and on the other hand by a very compact wheelbase of 3250 mm. 

This short wheelbase makes the 18 tonne truck even more manoeuvrable than the 12 tonne Kalmar DCG 120-12. These compact dimensions make the Kalmar DCG 180-6T ideal for industrial moves and machine relocations within industrial plants. For these special applications, rental customers can take full advantage of the 18-tonne load capacity, complete with non-marking Trelleborg SE tyres. Especially with such complicated rental applications, the further advantages offered by the Kalmar forklift truck in rental become apparent. The excellent visibility of the EGO cab without A-pillar and with integrated multi-function console should also be emphasised.

The heavy-duty forklift is also equipped with a 160 kW Stage V Volvo engine including particle filter – high-end quality for hire. Further highlights of the rental truck are the fork adjustment including sideshift, as well as the 4.50 m triplex mast, which allows a compact overall height of only 3.13 m. Another special feature is the Terminal West quick-change system for easy changing of the stacker forks. Luibl has forks with 2.40 m and 2.60 m lengths, which are perfect for lifting sea containers. The heavy-duty forklift can be delivered throughout Europe with the company’s own special vehicles. This guarantees a fast and safe delivery.

Now available throughout Germany 

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