Luibl orders 15 more large Magni up to 39 metres lifting height

Luibl Rental & Sales has ordered 15 more telescopic handlers from Magni – including the 39-metre model.

The Passau-based rental company Luibl Rental & Sales has invested in 15 additional Magni telescopic handlers with lifting heights of up to 39 metres. The order from the Italian telescopic handler manufacturer includes the Magni RTH 5.21, RTH 6.21, RTH 6.25, RTH 7.26, RTH 6.30 and RTH 6.39 models. The majority of the machines have already been delivered and are already in rental use throughout Europe.

The Roto telescopic forklifts were supplied in typical Luibl green, and in some cases also in classic Magni red. This expansion of the rental fleet should contribute to the further growth of the Luibl Group and increase the availability and coverage of the fleet.

All telehandlers are again equipped with Twin-Energy preparation and Stage V engines. Magnis Twin Energy Station  enables all lifting functions to be carried out electrically, allowing the machines to operate as electric telescopic handlers without emissions.

Magni RTH 6.39 

The centrepiece of the order, a Magni RTH 6.39, was delivered to Passau from Italy last week. “With a lifting height of 39 metres, a lateral outreach of 27 metres and a load capacity of up to six tonnes, it offers our customers a major advantage when carrying out demanding lifting tasks,” sums up owner Karl Bauer.

In addition to numerous other Magni telescopic handlers with lifting heights of up to 39 metres, Luibl also offers rotating telescopic handlers from Manitou and Merlo as well as a wide range of special equipment – both for end customers and for rental companies

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