Magni telehandler package for Luibl

The rental company Luibl Rental & Sales, headquartered in Passau, has expanded its fleet of Roto telehandlers with six additional Magni telehandlers between 21m and 30m. The order from the Italian telescopic handler manufacturer includes the Magni RTH 5.21 S, RTH 6.25 SH, RTH 7.26 SH and RTH 6.30 SH models. The machines offer lifting heights of between 21m and 30m, a lateral outreach of up to 26 metres and lifting capacities of 5 to 7 tonnes.

All Magni telescopic handlers ordered are equipped with modern Stage V engines and therefore have a built-in particle filter. This is particularly important for rental applications in Switzerland in order to fulfil the emission requirements for rental equipment there, as no machines may be rented out in Switzerland without a particulate filter, regardless of whether they are work platforms, forklifts or telehandlers. In addition, all telescopic handlers are equipped with a preparation for installing the Magni Twin-Energy Station. With the help of the Twin-Energy Station, all lifting functions can be carried out electrically, allowing the machines to operate with zero emissions as “electric telehandlers”.

Of course, it is possible to hire the telescopic handlers with all attachments and use them, for example, with a winch in crane operation or as a working platform with a high load capacity with a working basket that can be folded out to 4 metres. The first telehandler in the Magni package went directly to a customer with special requirements at the end of last year: the rental customer wanted to hire a rotating telehandler with white tyres and a load capacity of 5,000 kg from Luibl, with which he could also carry out all lifting movements electrically.

The choice fell on a Magni RTH 5.21S with Twin-Energy Pack to fulfil its lifting tasks. The expansion of the rental fleet with the modern Magni telescopic handlers helps Luibl Rental to meet customer demands for new and high-quality rental equipment. In addition to numerous other Magni telescopic handlers up to a lifting height of 35 metres, Luibl’s range also includes Roto telescopic handlers from competitors Manitou and Merlo. The customer is therefore free to choose which top brand of Roto telehandler he rents.

Luibl Rental also offers a wide range of specialised equipment for end customers and re-renters, whether 48m or 57m telescopic lifts, diesel scissor lifts up to 34m or high-bay scissor lifts with 28m and 33m. With Luibl, business partners always have a reliable supplier at their side who delivers high-quality machines at a favourable price. The company’s own fleet of low-loaders guarantees delivery of specialised equipment throughout Europe.

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