Mega Deal: 80 Manitou for Luibl

Major purchase by Luibl from French manufacturer including Manitou flagship MRT 3570 35m / 7 tonne Roto telescopic handler.
Rental company Luibl Rental & Sales has bought heavily from Manitou for 2022 and is expanding its rental fleet by 80 Manitou machines. With the major investment of several million €, Luibl intends to offer an even more extensive range of products for hire and to offer customers modern construction machinery and telescopic forklifts from a leading manufacturer in the rental sector.

The order, which was already completed in the summer, includes almost the entire work platform range, a slew of modern rigid telescopic handlers from the MT series including new models and, last but not least, the new futuristic MRT telescopic handler models. In the working platform sector, the order includes lifting platforms between 12m and 28m. It contains electric articulated telescopic platforms from 12m to 20m, including the new all-terrain battery-powered articulated telescopic platform 200 ATJ E. For industrial applications, additional electric articulated platforms 120 AETJ-C 3D, 150 AETJ-C 3D, 170 AETJ-L 3D are purchased, which offer users a high degree of comfort during rental operations thanks to the 3D corbaram. In addition, diesel-powered articulated platforms from 16m to 20m with the models 160 ATJ, 160 ATJ+ with 408kg lifting capacity, 180 ATJ and 200 ATJ. The Diesel articulated boom lifts are perfect for rentals where the benefits of Manitou articulated boom lifts are important. These are all-wheel steering and endless rotation, which distinguish the lifts from those of other manufacturers. The modern Kubota Stage V engine underlines the claims of both companies with sustainable machine technology. The order also includes the 220TJ+ and 280TJ telescopic work platforms, which again score with all-wheel steering and high lifting capacity. Some of the machines were ordered with low-marking tyres. In order to meet the highest quality standards in the field of rigid telehandlers for hire, we have invested in numerous Manitou telehandlers. Here Luibl is expanding its range for hire with the following machines: compact telescopic handlers with 2 and 2.5 tonne capacity MT 420, and MT 625, the new innovative model MT 930 with 3 tonne capacity, the classic Manitou MT 1440 and MT 1840 with 4 tonne capacity. Luibl owner Karl Bauer inspected the newly developed Manitou MT 930 telescopic handler together with Key Account Manager Simon Rath at the Platformer Days and was impressed by the compact dimensions and respectable performance data of the telescopic handler. Otherwise, Luibl boss Karl Bauer appreciates the high reliability and low downtime of Manitou telehandlers.

Roto telescopic forklifts were also purchased heavily to supplement the packages from the competitor Magni that were already integrated into the fleet. The customer should be free to choose which innovative construction machines he would like to use for his projects when making his enquiry. The expansion in the rotor telescopic handler segment includes almost all new Manitou models: Manitou MRT 1845 Vision with 18m lift height and 4.5 tonne capacity, as the successor to MRT 1840 easy, the new Vision+ models MRT 2260 , MRT 2660, MRT 3060 with now 6 tonnes instead of 5 tonnes lift capacity and 22m, 26m and 30m metre lift heights respectively. The latest showpiece was the new largest Manitou telescopic handler MRT 3570 Vision Plus with max. 35m lifting height and 7 tons load capacity. This means that the new models go up to 35m lifting height just like the competitor Merlo. The only missing model is the heavy duty Roto MRT 2570. Here, Luibl Rental & Sales has only recently invested in some Magni RTH 7.26. The new additions will be available with all accessories such as buckets, load hooks, long load hooks, winches for use as cranes, lattice boom winches, fold-out work baskets and much more. As a new addition to the rental range, Luibl will then be able to offer a work cage that can be folded out to 6m for special operations. This gives the operator the same wide working area as a scissor lift with the reach of a telescopic handler. All telescopic handlers are also equipped as standard with trailer pins and radio remote control to operate the lifting functions of the telescopic handler and rotation of the upper carriage, for maximum ease of use in rental.

The expansion of the ultra-modern Luibl rental fleet is thus being driven forward. According to Karl Bauer, Luibl operates the most modern fleet of special equipment in Europe with dozens of large machines, most of which are only 1-2 years old. In addition to numerous other telescopic forklifts of the Manitou, Merlo and Magni brands with lifting heights of up to 39 metres, Luibl also has many work platforms and special forklifts in its range. End customers and re-renters can obtain a variety of exceptional machines from Luibl, such as 48m and 57m telescopic platforms Genie SX-150 and Genie SX-180, diesel scissor lifts up to 34m from Holland Lift and JLG Liftlux or high rack scissor lifts from 22m to 33m from PB and HAB. With its own fleet of trucks and low-loaders, delivery of the special equipment is guaranteed throughout Europe. Here, too, investments have been made for 2022. You can read about other special new additions to the Luibl rental fleet over the next few weeks on Vertikal.net and in our news section.

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