all construction equipment to rent

Renting the Construction Machinery with Luibl Rental

You are searching for specific construction machine? In our fleet you will find the high-quality products for your rental needs.

From the bagger over wheel loader up to forklift truck od the suitable working platform. We are offering the machines including the attachments. Our compact and powerful machines are available for short-term and long-term rentals. Minibagger are for example equipped with the QuickChange System to make your work easier on the construction site. Contact the Luibl Rental´s Service for different high-quality models – the good service is for us of course included.

Loaders for rent

With us you can rent the all the possible loaders such us the compact track loaders, skid-steer loaders, small articulated loaders, mini track loaders, compact wheel loaders. Mostly, they are used for transport of the material for the short distances, such as earth, bulk materials, and construction materials.

How can we diversify the loaders? They can be sorted based upon their bucket size. Available attachments such as pallet fork, snow pusher, utility fork, industrial grapple are making the work easier and are used in building the roads, feeding and maintaining on the farms. Thanks to their compact build size, usability is broad, for example in the gardens and extremely narrow places. Luibl Rental Services can provide you the bigger devices with the bucket size of 1,5 cbm up to over 5 cbm also called as large wheel loaders for mining companies during the demolition and earthmoving.

Which wheel loaders are offered in our Luibl company?

The company Luibl provides you with the XPower Wheel Loaders combining fuel efficiency, performance, robustness and comfort equipped with the power split driveline, allowing the broad application with the highest level of efficiency. The fuel efficiency is reducing the fuel consumption and is one step more in saving the planet. You as the customer are saving the funds by using the construction machinery with high effectiveness and usability. The hydrostatic power driveline is very robust and powerful leading to the longer life cycle and the good return on the investment where the price pays it off and you are making profit out of it. The design of the cabin is built with the huge glass panels achieving the panoramic view to avoid possible accidents.

Compact Track Loaders for rent

In our fleet you can find the different excavators, also called as compact track loaders because of their compact build size. Rent the excavator with the Luibl Rental Services and receive maneuverable track loader where the cabin doesn´t outreach the undercarriage. The compact track loaders are equipped with the monoblock chassis just like the bigger machinery. Besides the counterweight, the undercarriage track chain and the blade are providing more stability in doing your projects and the tasks. You don´t have the possibility of delivering and finding the proper machine? No problem, that´s why are we here to help you! Providing and delivering of the proper machine to the desired construction site.

Rented with the pleasure: the excavators

Besides the compact track loaders, the Luibl Rental can provide you with: mini, small, medium and large excavators. With their robust track chain driveline and powerful engine, you are able to drive the excavator safe and reliable in the impassable terrain. The excavators from our company are weighing between 8,5 tons and 30 tons, with the lift height of 7 meter up to 10 meters and horizontal outreach between 7 and 11 meters. No matter which project you are dealing with, the Luibl Renting´s machinery will make the work easier. Should you need the forklifts, work platform or dump trucks, we will fulfill you those needs too. You are welcome to contact us and we will consult you!

Rent the machinery with the newest engines. Our modern excavators are suitable for every task in structural engineering, civil engineering and the road construction. The compact size provides the simple and uncomplicated rent.

Which excavator is the right choice?

While our compact track loaders and mini excavators are mostly rented from customers for the house and garden projects, the bigger and more powerful excavators are hired in the earthmoving and excavating industry.

When you are not sure about which excavator is the right for your project, our customer service will assist you with the pleasure. Our first class employees will consult you in finding the proper excavator, wheel loader or whatever you need. You have found the proper machine but can not transport it to your construction site? With the Luibl Rental Service you have the possibility of delivering the requested machine directly to your spot.