GTH-160 | Genie Z45FE

working height: 15.92 m
capacity: 300 kg
lateral reach: 6.94 m
platform height: 13.92 m
dimensions: 5.87m x 2.29m x 2.29m
weight: 6577 kg
brand: Genie
model: Z45FE
engine: Hybrid
item designation: GTH-160

Articulating telescope platform 16 m Z45FE

This articulated telescopic platform from Genie is quite compatible and practical due to its small design. The articulated work platform can be used both indoors and outdoors. Despite its small size, the Z45FE scores with its load capacity of 300kg. This maximum carrying weight should not be exceeded, otherwise damage to the articulated telescopic platform will occur. In electric-only mode, the machine provides approximately a full day of emission-free operation on a single battery charge. In “hybrid mode,” it gets by for a week on a single tank of gas. In addition, the hybrid engine with all-wheel drive provides enough power and grip to work in any terrain.

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Weight 7,756 kg
main group


platform length



max platform depth


min platform depth


platform length extended


min width


max width



min length


transportation height


max height


max length




working height

platform height

lateral reach


platform size



item designation


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Hire the Genie Z45FE with 16m working height

The articulated work platform can travel on inclines of up to 45 degrees. A permanently active oscillating axle system increases traction on rough terrain and thus enables carefree driving. Hiring a hybrid-operated articulated platform is easy and trouble-free. In addition, the Z45FE has a sufficient platform for its compact size, making it easy for two people to carry the articulated telescopic platform. In addition, the articulated climber has tyres with an off-road profile which are additionally driven by an all-wheel drive for particularly good grip, even on poor surfaces.

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The articulated telescopic boom lift has a highly efficient three-phase drive for improved travelling performance and maintenance. The machine has two different operating modes, purely electric and hybrid, both of which offer outstanding economy and a wide range of applications. It also has a built-in dual parallelogram articulated boom and proportional control which makes the telescopic platform perfect for precise boom positioning and smooth movements.

Rent a hybrid articulated platform now and work precisely and smoothly. The articulated work platform is able to swivel the cage up to 135° vertically and as the cage arm has a length of 1.52 metres, it is also easier to reach the most difficult positions. The articulated telescopic platform is perfect for small jobs at medium heights. The articulated lift also has a highly visible blue colour, which makes it visible even in poor weather conditions.

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