GTD-431 | Genie ZX 135/70

working height: 43.15 m
capacity: 272 kg
lateral reach: 21.26 m
platform height: 41.15 m
dimensions: 12.93m x 2.49m (3.94m) x 3.09m
weight: 20502 kg
brand: Genie
model: ZX 135/70
engine: Diesel
item designation: GTD-431

Articulating telescope platform 43m ZX 135/70

With this diesel-powered articulated telescopic platform, you can work at great heights without any problems and you don’t have to worry about anything. This working platform is equipped with a system that protects you, for example, from accidents at work or anything else. The articulated working platform can only be used outdoors. If you are looking for an indoor working platform, take a look at our site or feel free to contact our rental service! We will surely find the right platform for you. The ZX 135/70 diesel articulated telescopic platform can safely transport personnel very high up without any problems or complications. For this reason, the ZX 135/70 should not be missing on any construction site. You don’t have a Genie diesel-powered telescopic work platform on yours yet? Then it’s about time! Get in touch directly with our rental company and get individual advice. You will receive an offer from us that is perfectly tailored to your project and your construction site. A machine that reflects 100 per cent performance even on a poor surface on the construction site. This reliable and safe telescopic climber makes your work much easier and ensures that every project can be completed quickly and safely at the same time. In terms of data, it can be mentioned that the lift has a 1.83 m steel platform with a side swing door and also a 2.44 m steel platform with three-sided entrances, including a side swing door.

Articulated telescopic platforms are often used for industrial assembly, steel and hall construction, tunnel and timber construction or simple repair work. The lift can be controlled very sensitively, very precisely and absolutely accurately. That is why, in addition to its great working height and unbeatable reach, it is also very user-friendly and, precisely for that reason, very popular. The maximum lifting height is 43 metres. The articulated platform has a maximum carrying weight of 272 kg. This maximum capacity should not be exceeded, otherwise unintentional damage to the machine may occur. You don’t have an articulated platform for your new project yet? Then rent one of our articulated work platforms right now!

Weight 20,502 kg
main group



max width


platform length


max length


platform length extended


max platform depth


max height


min platform depth


transportation height


min width


min length





working height

platform height


lateral reach

platform size



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Hire the Genie articulated work platform with around 45 metres

The articulated work platform is based on the Genie X-chassis system, which ensures high stability. A 360º unlimited swivelling range of the upper carriage and a 160° platform swivelling range ensure fast and flexible positioning. A 360º unlimited swivelling range of the upper carriage and a 160° platform swivelling range ensure fast and flexible positioning. This Genie articulated work platform has a total of four different steering modes: front axle steering, rear axle steering, crab steering or coordinated all-wheel steering. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering enable this articulated telescopic boom lift to cope with difficult ground conditions during operation. Is your construction site on a poor surface? Then Luibl is the right partner for you! Enquire directly and make your project easier. All-wheel steering ensures excellent traction and manoeuvrability. A permanently active oscillating axle system increases traction on rough terrain. Hiring such a diesel-powered articulated telescopic boom lift is very simple and reliable. In addition, the ZX 135/70 has a very spacious platform for its size, making it possible for up to 2 people to walk on it at the same time. The built-in diesel engine has a disproportionate amount of power for its size. This makes the articulated platform very all-terrain. The articulated climber also has tyres with an off-road tread for particularly good grip, even on poor surfaces. For this very reason, it can be used effectively on almost any terrain. The Mini Genie X-Chassic system can be extended for high stability during use and retracted for easy transport. It also has a telescopic jib that can be extended from 3.66 m to 6.10 m and swivelled vertically by 110°. It can be easily steered with a joystick rocker and therefore has fully proportional joystick control. Would you rather pay a rental fee than buy a machine? Rent a diesel telescopic boom lift now and save time. The articulated lift is able to swivel the basket up to 110° degrees. This enables you to reach even the most uncomfortable positions. The articulated boom lift is perfect for small jobs at medium heights. The articulated work platform also has a highly visible blue colour. This means that it is still clearly visible on your construction site even in bad weather.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us

Are you interested in the ZX 135/70 telescopic work platform? We would be happy to discuss the job with you and prepare a customised quote. There are other advantages for companies than for private users. Companies benefit from fast rental because they can remain more competitive, generate more sales and thus provide customers with a better service. Private individuals benefit from the simplified work and can therefore carry out more work independently. If you are a talented craftsman, this gives you the chance to save money. You too can use this excellent lifting platform from Genie on site at your premises. Our rental shop is looking forward to meeting you! Our equipment hire service runs throughout Europe and we look forward to helping you. Please feel free to contact us at any time.