GTD-281 | Magni DAB28RT

working height: 28.10 m
capacity: 250 kg
lateral reach: 19.40 m
platform height: 26.10 m
dimensions: 11.83m x 2.50m x 2.89m
weight: 18400 kg
brand: Magni
model: DAB28RT
engine: Diesel
item designation: GTD-281

Articulating telescope platform 28m

This Magni articulated telescopic platform is quite flexible and versatile due to its design. The articulated platform can be used both indoors and outdoors, thus you get the possibility to use our articulated work platform everywhere. This machine is suitable both in factories and large construction sites. The platform size of our stages are 2.44 m long, 0.90 m wide and have a total area of 2.20 m2. In addition, it can impress with its high load-bearing capacity of 250 kilograms. The maximum lifting height is 28m, to be exact the stage stretches to a maximum of 28.10 meters. The maximum range is 19.40 meters in height and the negative range is 14.20 meters. The articulated platforms have a weight of 18,400 kg and a maximum carrying weight of 250kg, so you can make your projects a lot easier, because our working platforms can carry a lot. This maximum loading weight should not be exceeded by you or the workers, otherwise damage to the articulated telescopic platform may occur, which can be easily avoided if you follow our instructions. The working platform has a length of 11.83 meters, a width with the wheels of 2.50 meters and a height of 2.89 meters. So, do you want to save your precious time and make your daily projects a lot easier? Then you are right with us! So don’t waste your time any longer and hire an articulated lift Magni DAB28RT from our rental shop now.

Weight 21,830 kg

main group

platform length



max platform depth


min platform depth


platform length extended


max width



min width


min length


max length


transportation height


max height




working height

platform height

lateral reach


platform size



item designation


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Hire the Magni articulated climber

The Magni DAB28RT articulated telescopic boom lift can travel on gradients of up to 45%. A permanently active oscillating axle system increases traction on rough terrain. The hire of such a diesel-powered articulated boom lift is very simple and reliable. The DAB28RT also has a socket on the workman basket, which has often proved to be practical. The articulated platform can be accessed by two people. The built-in Deutz TD2.9 L4 55.4 kW diesel engine with Stage V – DPF has a disproportionately high output for its size. This makes the articulated telescopic work platform very suitable for off-road routes and construction sites. The engine gives our work platform a total speed (retracted) of 6 km/h and a speed of 1.1 km/h when extended. The platform has all-wheel drive, which offers you numerous advantages. All-wheel drive vehicles have better traction, as the power of the engine is transmitted to the road via all four wheels. This proves its worth in difficult weather conditions, such as on snow and ice, but also on wet surfaces. In addition, the DAB28RT has particularly good tyres, namely our non-marking tyres, which not only ensure non-marking paths, but also a firm grip on the terrain.

Rent a diesel articulated platform now and save time. The articulated telescopic platform is able to rotate the basket up to 180° and the superstructure endlessly 360°. This enables it to reach even the most difficult places. The articulated work platform is perfect for small tasks that are carried out at a height of 28 metres. The articulated boom lift also has a highly visible red colour. The articulated boom lift gives you the wonderful opportunity to do several things at the same time, as our DAB28RT provides simultaneous control of a total of 3 movements.

Rent a lift and save time

Have we aroused your interest in our DAB28RT articulated boom lift? We would be happy to discuss articulated boom lift hire with you and provide you with a customised quote. Contact our hire team now, because we are always available to help you and make your future construction projects easier. Our qualified team is always available to answer your questions. Our hire team looks forward to hearing from you!