5 Tons Compact Excavator | Bobcat E50

weight: 5143 kg
lifting height: 6.06 m
lateral reach: 5.60 m
dimensions: 5.55m x 1.96m x 2.53m
brand: Bobcat
model: E50
item designation: 5 Tons Compact Excavator


  • Quick-change unit
  • Digging bucket, ditching bucket and swinging bucket

Hire Bobcat E50 compact excavator with adjustable undercarriage

This compact excavator is well suited to smaller jobs in, for example, gardens, as it fits through almost all paths due to its narrow appearance. If you want to dredge an area for a pool, for example, or remove an old foundation, you don’t need a big 10 tonne excavator. A compact excavator, such as this one from Yanmar, is perfectly adequate in such a case. The compact excavator comes with a backhoe bucket, trenching bucket and a tilting bucket as an attachment. It has a total weight of 5,000 kg and reaches a maximum lifting height of almost 6 metres. This means that, despite its slim design, it is not a tool to be underestimated and is suitable for most jobs in the home garden.

Weight 5,143 kg
main group



max width


min width


max height


transportation height


max length


min length



lifting height

lateral reach



item designation

5 Tons Compact Excavator

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Hire the Bobcat excavator with around 5 tonnes

The compact excavator has a multifunctional joystick for fast and precise positioning. Hire high-quality compact excavators from us & in your area. The compact excavator is very flexible and versatile thanks to the option of fitting a wide range of buckets. Go for a long-term hire of a compact excavator now, you are in good hands with us. We offer you excavators for long-term hire. The excavator has a maximum reach of 5,600 mm. This limit cannot be exceeded due to technical limitations.

You too can hire a Bobcat compact excavator to save time

Compared to other suppliers, we have low transportation costs. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can reach positions that are inaccessible to large excavators. We offer the hire of compact excavators in your area. Take advantage of our long-term rental offer now. The excavator is also equipped with generous ground clearance, making the compact excavator ideal for outdoor use. Hire a compact excavator near you. Hire an excavator and save valuable time.

Compact excavator hire from us. One of our excavators is also available in your neighbourhood. The compact excavator also has an all-wheel drive system consisting of an all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for maximum performance. You too can take advantage of our favourable rental offer now.

Interested in a compact excavator? Rent now!

Are you interested in the Bobcat E50 compact excavator? We would be happy to discuss your planned order and advise you accordingly. Get your personalised quote now so that you too can use this excavator from Bobcat on site at your premises.