TSS-2706 | Merlo P. 27.6

lifting height: 5.9 m
lateral reach: 3.3 m
capacity: 2700 kg
dimensions: 3.91m x 1.84m x 1.95m
weight: 4850 kg
brand: Merlo
model: P. 27.6
engine: Diesel
item designation: TSS-2706


  • Maximum lifting capacity of 2700 kg
  • Various attachments
  • Small turning radius
  • Good ground clearance
  • 360 degree circumspection

Telescopic loader 6m Merlo P. 27.6

With its small and flexible design, the 6-metre rigid telescopic handler can be used well in tight and busy work sites. You can rent one of our high-quality 5.9m rigid teleloaders. Rent a Merlo teleloader rigid near you. Nevertheless, the P. 27.6 telehandler is sufficiently strong to transport heavy loads and to position them with particular precision in the high rack. The Merlo P.27.6 telescopic handler can be used indoors and outdoors. The Merlo teleloader’s maximum lift height is 6 metres. The telescopic arm truck has a maximum carrying weight of 2700 kg. The weight of the harness should in any case be below the maximum carrying weight so that the almost 3 tonne telescopic loader does not suffer any unwanted damage.

Weight 4,850 kg
main group



max width


min width


max length


transportation height


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lifting height

lateral reach




item designation


Hire the Merlo telescopic handler with around 5 metres

The 6 metre telehandler has a water-cooled 4-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine with 36 KW, giving the 6 metre telehandler enough power for use on a wide variety of sites. Hire high-quality 2,700kg telehandlers from us & in your area. Hire a Merlo telescopic handler from Luibl for professional work. Among other things, the 6 metre telehandler is equipped with an automatic parking brake when the engine is at a standstill. Thanks to the option of attaching various attachments, the 2700kg telescopic arm loader is very flexible and versatile.

The cab mounted on the 6 metre telescopic arm loader protects the machine operator from wind and weather. This cab has a split door, 360 degree visibility, heating and much more to make working in the 6m telehandler as successful and satisfying as possible.

Rigid telescopic forklift in long-term hire

Rent a rigid 6 metre telescopic handler and save valuable time. We offer rigid telehandlers for long-term hire. Go for a long-term hire of a 2.7 tonne telescopic handler now, you are in good hands with us. The hire of 6 metre rigid telehandlers from us. The 2.7 tonne telehandler is also equipped with generous ground clearance, making the 6 metre telehandler ideal for outdoor use.

Take advantage of our long-term hire offer now. The telescopic arm loader also has an all-wheel drive system consisting of an all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for maximum performance.

If you are interested, please contact us so that we can help you

Are you interested in the P. 27.6 telescopic handler? We would be happy to discuss the job with you and prepare a customised quote. So that you too can use this telescopic handler from Merlo on site, at your premises. We also offer other rigid telehandlers from other popular manufacturers, such as Genie, Magni or Manitou.