3 tonnes diesel | Hyundai 30D-9 4700 mm

lifting height: 4.7 m
capacity: 3000 kg
dimensions: 2.688m x 1.23m x 2.19m
weight: 4570 kg
brand: Hyundai
model: 30D-9
engine: Diesel
item designation: 3 Tons Diesel

Diesel front loader Hyundai 30D-9 for hire

This front loader from Hyundai with a diesel drive is well suited for transporting smaller loads indoors as well as outdoors. The forklift also has special features that enable it to work more efficiently than others. For example, the front loader has a rear camera. In addition, it has a maximum carrying weight of 3,000 kg and reaches a maximum lifting height of almost 5 metres. This means that, despite its narrow design, it is not a bad machine and is suitable for most jobs in small warehouses.

Weight 4570 kg

main group


min width


max height


transportation height


min length


max width


max length





lifting height




item designation

3 Tons Diesel

Product datasheet


Many comfort features on the Hyundai front loader with around 5 metres

Ergonomic seats ensure a good driving experience. An optimised pedal position ensures a comfortable ride and increased ease of maintenance, as well as less noise. A low access height makes it easier for the operator to get on. An adjustable steering wheel provides the necessary flexibility and at the same time ensures a consistently comfortable driving position. The front loader also has a 4-wheel concept and tyres with tread. These allow the forklift truck to travel indoors and outdoors. This allows the driver to work very flexibly. To increase productivity, the automatic fork levelling system stops the tilting movement automatically. The roll-back protection prevents the truck from rolling backwards and makes it easier to start up on the ramp.

Hire a Hyundai front loader with many safety features

Thanks to the halogen headlights at the front and the LED combination lights at the rear, the driver has good visibility in all situations. The reflectors on the counterweight increase the visibility of the machine and therefore safe operation. Complete LED equipment is available as an option. The optimised arrangement of the lifting cylinder gives the operator a wide field of vision. The panoramic mirror extends the driver’s view when reversing. All driver information is clearly displayed on the LCD colour monitor. In addition to general operating information, safety warnings and speed limits are immediately displayed to the driver. The display automatically switches to camera mode when reverse gear is engaged. A programmed speed limiter is part of the forklift truck’s standard equipment. A service technician can programme the maximum speed via the display.

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