TSR-5021 | Magni RTH 5.21 S

lifting height: 20.50 m
lateral reach: 17.40 m
capacity: 5000 kg
dimensions: 6.57m x 2.55m x 3.12m
weight: 15900 kg
brand: Magni
model: RTH 5.21 S
engine: Hybrid
item designation: TSR-5021


  • Ease of use
  • Stage V engine with soot particle filter
  • Optionally with white tires or tire cover
  • Optionally with electro-aggegrate
  • Lifting functions are then possible purely electrically

Magni Battery Telescopic Loader Roto 5 Ton 21m

The machine is Stage V compliant and alternatively available as an emission-free solution with Twin Energy Station. This Magni rotating telehandler for hire fulfils the latest Stage V emissions standard with a 4-cylinder Deutz engine. A particle filter is installed in the rental unit. As an additional option with Magni TWIN-ENERGY system, the 21 m Roto telehandler can also be used emission-free. Compared to other suppliers, we have low transportation costs. This 5.21S telehandler rotor is also available with white tyres. White tyres leave no marks, e.g. on indoor floors, and are therefore very suitable for indoor use. The lifting functions can then be carried out fully electrically without emitting any emissions.

Rent a 5 ton roto telehandler and save valuable time. We also offer a similar Roto telescopic handler and that is the Merlo Roto 45.21 MCS.

Weight 15,900 kg

main group

platform length extended



max width


max length


min length


min width


max height


transportation height





lifting height


lateral reach

platform size



item designation


Product datasheet

magni_rth_5.21s magni_rth_5.21s_h

Electric telehandler hire up to 39m

Hire electric telehandlers up to 39m lifting height from Luibl Rental. The smallest telehandler model with a generator that combines the advantages of a battery with the possible continuous operation of a diesel generator. Conventional battery telehandlers lose their power after a few hours, but not our Magni loaders with Twin-Energy-Pack. Our rental service offers these with 21m, 25m, 26m, 30m, 35m and 39 metres, as well as load capacities of 5 tonnes, 6 tonnes and 7 tonnes. With these rotating all-purpose weapons, you have the perfect rental device for industrial applications. Benefit now by hiring our rotating telealders with electric power and white tyres.

The maximum carrying capacity should always be observed

With a maximum load capacity of 5,000 kg, a maximum lifting height of 20.50 m and a reach of 17.40 m in combination with the numerous attachments, users benefit from a robust telescopic handler with a large working range. The Magni has a particle filter that allows it to work indoors. With the help of a huge selection of attachments, the 20.50 m rotor telescopic handler can be used for lifting tasks, loading work and crane work with hooks or in winch operation. One of our 5000kg telescopic forklifts is also available in your area. With the workman basket equipment, the 11 metre telehandler also functions as a reliable working platform.

Optionally with twin-energy system in zero-emission mode

The Twin-Energy system is the perfect solution for emission-free use of the rental truck in enclosed areas such as industrial halls or production facilities. We offer the hire of rotating 5 tonne telehandlers in your area. Hire high-quality rotating Magni forklifts from us & in your area. The innovative system is supplied with mains power via an external power source (380 V / 32 A). We offer you the 5.21S telescopic handler rotatable for long-term hire. Rent a 21 metre Teleloader roto in your area. The hire of 5,000kg Roto telehandlers from us. If the Magni 5.21S telehandler is equipped with this system, the rotor can perform lifting functions fully electrically.

You too can hire one of our high-quality 21 m telescopic handlers Rotor. Take advantage of our long-term hire offer now. Profitieren auch Sie jetzt von unserem günstigen Mietangebot. The TWIN-ENERGY system opens up new areas of application that require an emission-free solution.

Renting is made very easy by the Luibl service

With the Twin Energy Station and the radio remote control, work can be carried out precisely and emission-free by performing the machine movements of the Magni telehandler electrically, with optimum visibility of the 21 metre telehandler. Hire a 5 tonne Roto telescopic handler from Luibl for professional work. Go for a long-term hire of a Rotor rotatable telehandler now, you are in good hands with us. Enquire now and secure a low-cost quote for this rotor stacker and other telescopic handlers.