TSR-6025 | Magni RTH 6.25SH

lifting height: 25 m
lateral reach: 21.20 m
capacity: 6000 kg
dimensions: 7.63m x 2.53m x 3.15m
weight: 18000 kg
brand: Magni
model: RTH 6.25SH
engine: Diesel
item designation: TSR-6025


Available with all attachments:

  • Forks
  • Load hook
  • Cable winch
  • Working platform foldable up to 1000kg
  • Jib with winch
  • Jib
  • Bucket

Telescopic handler 25m Magni RTH 6.25SH

The RTH 6.25SH is a simple yet highly efficient telescopic handler. Rent a 25 metre Roto telescopic loader from Luibl for professional work. Very good safety is guaranteed by the built-in scissor supports. The 25 m telescopic handler is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. The maximum lifting height of the Magni telescopic handler is 25 metres. Hire one of our high quality 25m telescopic loader rotors. The Magni telescopic arm forklift has a maximum carrying weight of 6000 kg. The maximum carrying weight limit should not be exceeded when using the 6 tonne telescopic handler, otherwise unintentional damage to the 6,000 kg telescopic handler may occur.

Weight 18,000 kg

main group

platform length extended



max width


max length


min length


min width


max height


transportation height





lifting height


lateral reach

platform size



item designation


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Magni battery telescopic handler Roto 6 tonnes 25m

The machine is Stage V compliant and alternatively available as an emission-free solution with Twin Energy Station. This Magni Rotor telehandler for rent meets the most modern Aggasnorm Stage V with a 4-cylinder engine from Deutz. A particle filter is installed in the rental unit. As an additional option with the Magni TWIN-ENERGY system, the 25 m Roto telescopic handler can also be used emission-free. Compared to other suppliers, we have low transportation costs. This 6.25SH telescopic handler rotor is also available with white tyres. White tyres leave no marks, e.g. on indoor floors, and are therefore very suitable for indoor use. The lifting functions can then be carried out fully electrically without emitting any emissions.

Hire the Magni telescopic handler with around 25 metres

The 360-degree rotatability enables the machine operator to work efficiently and successfully. Hire high-quality rotating Magni forklifts from us & in your area. The option of using the RTH 6.25SH as a cable crane opens up completely new levels of efficiency. We offer 6 tonne telescopic handlers for long-term hire.

You too can take advantage of our favourable rental offer now. The Magni 6 tonne has a particle filter which enables it to work indoors. The 6000kg telescopic arm loader is very flexible and versatile thanks to the possibility of mounting a wide range of attachments.

Rotating telescopic forklifts can also be hired in your area

We offer the hire of rotating 25 metre telehandlers in your area. Rent a 6 tonne roto telescopic handler and save valuable time. Compared to other providers, we only charge a small 25 metre transport fee. The hire of 6000 tonne Roto telehandlers from us. The performance of the 25 metre telescopic boom loader is so enormous that it is often used as a replacement for real cable cranes. One of our 6 tonne telescopic forklifts is also available in your area. Take advantage of our long-term hire offer now. This 6 tonne Roto telescopic handler is also available with white tyres. White tyres leave no marks, e.g. on indoor floors, and are therefore very suitable for indoor use. The 25 m telehandler is also equipped with generous ground clearance, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The 6 tonne telescopic arm loader also has an all-wheel drive system consisting of an all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for maximum performance. Rent a 25 metre roto telehandler in your area.

What are telescopic handlers needed for?

6,000kg telehandlers are used most frequently in the construction industry. These days, rough-terrain forklifts in particular can be found on almost every construction site and are indispensable for workers. Whether building houses, gardening or even at events such as festivals, rotating telescopic forklifts are absolutely essential. Last but not least, these construction machines are also so popular because of the numerous expansion options. They can be quickly converted and used for a different area of application. This means that you don’t need many different versions, but simply hire one or two Magni telehandlers for efficient use on a construction site.

Hire Roto telescopic forklifts from Luibl

By renting our 25 metre telehandlers, we can meet any lifting technology requirements for construction sites. Luibl offers high-quality 6000 kg telehandlers for hire throughout Europe. You can hire equipment from us for your individual needs in an uncomplicated and affordable way. Luibl GmbH offers you a wide range of all types of forklift trucks from well-known and reliable brands. Our devices can be used flexibly, have first-class equipment and are available for you at all times, even when demand is high. Because one of the most important requirements of modern people is flexibility. Hiring high-quality 25 metre Roto telescopic forklifts is the solution for both short-term assignments and long-term projects. More and more private individuals and companies alike are opting for rental equipment from Luibl GmbH and benefiting from fast availability at low cost. Luibl GmbH has short delivery times and always delivers on time, so that your project can be completed at the desired time.

At Luibl, you also benefit from a customised customer service that will be happy to advise you. Simply contact us and convince yourself of our competent letting advice. Our all-round service is available to you at any time.

Why is it worth hiring Rototel telehandlers?

Buying your own rotatable telehandler is an extremely expensive endeavour. Such 6 tonne forklifts and loaders are priced between 80 and several hundred thousand euros! For private individuals or small companies, that’s an enormous amount of money. In this case, it is always questionable whether the purchase of a new device would really pay off in the long term. As such machines are often only required for projects with a specific time frame, the answer is usually “no”. If you don’t know someone who owns and hires out such a machine, a professional construction machinery hire company is just the thing. We provide you with training, introductions, accessories and competent all-round customer service, perfectly tailored to your needs.

If you are interested, you can simply contact us.

Are you interested in the RTH 6.25SH telescopic handler? We would be happy to discuss your planned order and advise you accordingly. Go now on a long-term hire of a telescopic handler Rotor, with us you are in good hands. Get your personalised quote now so that you too can use this telescopic handler from Magni on site at your premises. We also offer telehandlers from other popular brands, such as Manitou or Genie.