TSR-6022 | Manitou MRT 2260

lifting height: 21.8 m
lateral reach: 18.20 m
capacity: 6000 kg
dimensions: 6.97m x 2.50m x 3.10m
weight: 18000 kg
brand: Manitou
model: MRT 2260
engine: Diesel
item designation: TSR-6022

Manitou MRT 2260 telescopic forklift for hire

With its relatively compact design, the Manitou MRT 2260 rotating telescopic handler is equipped with a diesel engine. In addition, the Manitou MRT 2260 telehandler’s reliable and versatile design makes it perfect for demanding job sites and also offers flawless maneuverability, made possible by the all-wheel steering, even with an extremely small turning circle. This enables professional working. The rotating telehandler is controlled by 2 joysticks. The 445/65 R22.5 tires are also fitted. In addition, the Manitou MRT 2260 telehandler can perform level compensation, which gives the rotating Manitou telehandler a good grip on uneven terrain and enables it to perform at full capacity. Hire now one of our high-quality rotating Manitou MRT 2260 telehandlers. In addition, the Manitou MRT 2260 diesel-powered telescopic handler has a maximum load capacity of 6,000 kg and a maximum lifting height of 21.80 metres. The maximum carrying weight limit should not be exceeded when using the heavy-duty telescopic handler, as otherwise the 21.80 m telescopic handler may be unintentionally damaged. Die Geschwindigkeit des rotierenden Teleskopstaplers beträgt 40 km/h. The diesel-powered telescopic handler also has a total weight of 18,000 kg and a maximum horizontal outreach of 18.20 metres. The rotating Manitou MRT 2260 telescopic handler is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Hire our Manitou MRT 2260 telescopic handler now at an affordable price. We also offer a hire service for the Manitou MRT 2260 rotating telehandler in your area. If you are interested, you are welcome to take a closer look at our long-term rental offer.

Weight 13,300 kg
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Hire the Manitou MRT 2260

This rotating Manitou MRT 2260 telehandler has been perfectly developed for construction sites with high buildings. This allows you to work at full height without any problems. The Manitou rotating telehandler is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission for extreme manoeuvrability and precision. We also offer the hire of our 22 metre rotor diesel-powered Manitou MRT 2260 telehandler in your area. The rotating telehandler also has multi-disc brakes in an oil bath, together with a brake booster on both the front and rear axles, for extra braking power and increased safety. Don’t hesitate and hire our powerful Manitou MRT 2260 now from your trusted hire company. A telehandler can be used in telescopic, aerial work platform and crane mode and the Manitou MRT 2260 is supported by the tyres or outriggers. This means that the telehandler is equipped with a dual telescope. This in turn has advantages for the versatility of the rotating telescopic handler. This will be significantly expanded. Take advantage of our low-cost hire now. Rather rent than buy! Of course, the Manitou MRT 2260 rotating telescopic forklift truck can be fitted with a wide range of attachments, such as a boom with winch or an earth bucket without teeth. The boom also has a pentagonal cross-section, which ensures precise movement and additional stability of the machine with automatic levelling of the boom. The tipping angle of the diesel-powered Manitou MRT 2260 is 12° and the dumping angle is 112°. Hiring from Luibl is hassle-free, because we advise you down to the last detail so that you hire the right machine from us. It is important to us that you can use the perfect machine on your construction site.

Rent now and save time

The exceptionally good ground clearance of the rigid Manitou MRT 2260 enables you to use the heavy-duty telescopic handler efficiently and successfully outdoors, as well as on hilly terrain. Take advantage of our long-term hire offer now. It should not be forgotten that the Manitou MRT 2260 telescopic handler has a particle filter, which enables it to work inside buildings. Hire a Manitou telehandler from Luibl for professional work now! A cab for the machine operator is also on board the rotating Manitou MRT 2260. This protects the machine operator from wind and bad weather conditions and also offers a 360-degree view. The overall width of the cab is 0.96 m. Our machines are available for hire from a favourable rental price. This saves you expensive acquisition costs. The overall width of the rotating Manitou MRT 2260 is 2.50 metres and the overall height is 3.10 metres. The ground clearance of the rotating telescopic handler is 0.36 metres. In addition, the maximum capacity of the fuel tank is 270 litres. Would you prefer to rent rather than buy? Then you are in the right hands with Luibl! Hire the almost 22 metre rotating Manitou MRT 2260 from Luibl today for your construction projects so that you can work professionally.

Interested? Rent today!

Go for a long-term telescopic handler hire now, you are in good hands with us. Are you interested in the Manitou MRT 2260 rotating Roto telescopic handler? We would be happy to discuss your planned construction project and equip you with the right machine. Request your personalised quote now to use your telescopic handler from Manitou. Our rental team will be happy to advise you. We also offer telehandlers from other top brands such as Merlo, Genie and Magni. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact our competent team by telephone or using the contact form! We are happy to help you from start to finish. We look forward to your enquiry!