TSR-7028 | Merlo Roto 70.28S

lifting height: 28 m
lateral reach: 20.5 m
capacity: 7000 kg
dimensions: 8.31m x 2.54m x 3.325m
weight: 22750 kg
brand: Merlo
model: R 70.28S Plus
engine: Diesel
item designation: TSR-7028


Available with all attachments:

  • Forks
  • Load hook
  • Cable winch
  • Man basket platform up to 800 kg
  • Jib with winch
  • Jib
  • Bucket

The Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus – A versatile telescopic handler for demanding tasks.

The Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus is a powerful telescopic handler that stands out for its impressive lifting capacity. With a rated lifting capacity of 7 tonnes at LSP (load centre of gravity), this telehandler is capable of moving heavy loads safely and efficiently. The tyres on the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus are robust 445/80 R25 tyres that provide optimum traction and stability on a variety of terrains. With a load centre of 600 mm, the telescopic handler can handle loads precisely and safely. The transmission of the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus is hydraulic for smooth and precise control. This transmission system ensures efficient power transfer and makes the vehicle easier to operate. With a reach of 23.2 metres, the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus is ideal for working at great heights or in hard-to-reach areas. The maximum lifting capacity at this reach is 0.85 tonnes, which is sufficient to perform various tasks. The lifting height of the telescopic forklift is an impressive 28 metres. At this maximum lifting height, the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus can safely lift a load of 3 tonnes. This makes it possible to move heavy loads at higher levels or to reach work areas at great heights.

With a dead weight of 23 tonnes, the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus has a robust and stable design. This ensures a safe working environment and a high load-bearing capacity. The telescopic handler has a transport length of 8.33 metres, a transport width of 2.49 metres and a transport height of 3.33 metres. These compact dimensions make it easier to transport the vehicle to different construction sites and work locations. With a travel speed of 40 km/h, the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus is a powerful and fast working machine. This high speed enables efficient transport and facilitates the movement of the telescopic handler on the construction site. With its impressive technical specifications and robust construction, the Merlo Roto 70.28S Plus is a reliable partner for demanding lifting and elevating work. Whether on construction sites, in industry or in gardening and landscaping, this telescopic handler offers the power and flexibility needed for efficient and safe work processes.

Weight 22750 kg
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