SBD-118 | Genie GS 3369RT

working height: 11.75 m
capacity: 454 kg
platform size: (4.31m) 2.79m x 1.60m
platform height: 9.75 m
dimensions: 3.76m x 1.75m x 1.78m
weight: 3949 kg
brand: Genie
model: GS 3369RT
engine: Diesel
item designation: SBD-118


  • 12 meters lifting height
  • 35% slope
  • 4.5 m² large platform
  • Plenty of power
  • 450 kg carrying weight

Scissor lift 12m Diesel Genie GS 3369RT

This scissor lift from Genie ensures maximum productivity on the construction site. In addition, it can drive on uneven terrain and score points with its high carrying capacity. The maximum lifting height of the scissor lift that you will find in our rental is 12 metres.

The GS 3369RT scissor lift has a maximum carrying weight of 450 kg, which makes it quite attractive for our customers. This maximum carrying weight should not be exceeded, otherwise unintentional damage to the diesel-powered machine may occur.

Weight 3,949 kg

main group

min platform depth



platform length


platform length extended


max platform depth


min length


min width


max height


transportation height


max length


max width





working height

platform height


platform size



item designation


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Hire the Genie scissor lift with around 11 metres

All-wheel drive with automatic traction control ensures high off-road capability. In addition, the scissor lift can manage gradients of up to 35% without any problems. High ground clearance is also a given.

The Genie 3369RT work platform also has a 4.5 m2 platform, allowing several people to access the scissor lift at the same time.

The built-in diesel engine has a disproportionate amount of power for its size and helps you get the job done. There is a component box that can be swivelled out to the side for easy maintenance. It is also possible to move the scissor lift at full lifting height, which saves you a lot of time and stress.

A very user-friendly Smart Link control and diagnostics system ensures efficient operation and a pleasant feeling when operating the diesel-powered scissor lift.

Advantages of a GS 3369RT diesel scissor lift

The diesel-powered scissor lift is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Uneven floors are effortlessly levelled out with the hydraulic support. Diesel-powered scissor lifts are a clear advantage, especially in outdoor areas. With the all-wheel drive, slopes and dips are no problem. The large platform area allows you the greatest possible freedom of movement and comfort for your workers, and it is also much safer when there is more space to work.

Rent the Genie GS 3369RT from us

Are you interested in the GS 3369RT scissor lift? We would be happy to discuss the job with you and prepare a customised quote. You too can use this excellent scissor lift from Genie on site at your premises. Our letting department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are you looking for a different scissor lift model? We are happy to assist you at any time with our scissor lifts for hire – and we don’t just have a large number of diesel-powered scissor lifts from Genie. We also have other manufacturers of high-quality scissor lifts with diesel drive in stock for you.

Our team of hire experts will advise you free of charge and without obligation so that you can find the right scissor lift for hire. We are there for you throughout Europe. Your Luibl company.