SBD-225 | HAB S225-24 D4WDS

working height: 22.5 m
capacity: 750 kg
platform size: (7.20m) 4.50m x 2.36m
platform height: 20.5 m
dimensions: 4.84m x 2.39m x 2.88m
weight: 11000 kg
brand: HAB
model: S225-24 D4WDS
engine: Diesel
item designation: SBD-225


  • 22,5m diesel scissor lift with super deck for hire
  • Platform 7,20m x 2,36m and 750kg capacity
  • Movable to full working height
  • All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
  • Get a rental offer now for the 22.5m diesel scissor lift

Scissor lift 22,5m diesel for rent

Hire this practical scissor lift with 22.5m working height at top prices from your Luibl rental service. Luibl Rental has high rack scissor lifts from 22m to 33m in its rental assortment and many others you are welcome to inquire about. With high rack scissor lifts from our rental you always have the right machine for your construction project. High-rack work platforms are very popular in rack construction and plant engineering because they are manoeuvrable and high enough.

Weight 18000 kg

main group

platform length extended


min platform depth


max platform depth


platform length


max width



transportation height


max length


max height


min width


min length




working height

platform height


platform size




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Hire 22.5 metre high-bay work platform

The S225-24 D4WDS scissor lift from HAB is equipped with white, non-marking solid rubber tyres, which is why it is so popular in our rental department. This means that no tracks are left on the hall floor. The travelling and lifting functions are proportional. The all-wheel steering with simultaneous all-wheel drive ensures high precision and high manoeuvrability when manoeuvring tightly in a narrow high-bay warehouse. This means you are manoeuvrable and precise when on the move.

Hire of diesel-powered scissor lifts

Our hire department offers this scissor lift with a load capacity of 750kg. Its platform size ranges from 7.20 metres in length to 2.36 metres in width. With its red colour, it is highly visible and eye-catching. Another special feature of the S225-24 D4WDS is that it can still be moved at full working height.

The scissor lift may be used up to a maximum inclination of 3° until the limit value is reached, then the lifting or travelling function switches off automatically.

Advantages of a diesel scissor lift

The diesel-powered scissor lift is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Unebene Böden werden mit der hydraulischen Unterstützung mühelos ausgeglichen. Diesel-powered scissor lifts are a clear advantage, especially in outdoor areas. With the all-wheel drive, even uphill and downhill gradients are no problem. The large platform area allows you the greatest possible freedom of movement and comfort for your workers, and it is also much safer when there is more space to work.

Hire a scissor lift today

Are you interested in the S225-24 D4WDS from HAB? Hire scissor lifts now from your trusted hire company. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions or uncertainties. Contact our rental department today.

Are you looking for a different scissor lift model? We are happy to assist you at any time with our scissor lifts for hire – and we don’t just have a wide range of equipment from HAB. We also have other manufacturers of high-quality scissor lifts with diesel drive in stock for you.

Our team of hire experts will advise you free of charge and without obligation so that you can find the right scissor lift for hire. We are there for you throughout Europe.