SBE-099 | Genie GS 2646 E-Drive

working height: 9.96 m
capacity: 454 kg
platform size: (3.18m) 2.26m x 1.15m
platform height: 7.96 m
dimensions: 2.44m x 1.16m x 1.70m(2.31m)
weight: 1971 kg
brand: Genie
model: GS 2646 E-Drive
engine: electric
item designation: SBE-099


  • Quiet and environmentally friendly electric drive
  • Maximum capacity of 454 kg
  • Integrated diagnostic system
  • 10 meters working height
  • Up to 2 persons
  • 1.971kg Weight

Self-propelled Scissor Lift 10m Electric GS-2646 E-Drive

The working platform from Genie is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use, which is why our customers also like to rent it. Due to its small and flexible design, the aerial work platform finds its place on almost every construction site. The scissor lift also impresses with its quiet electric drive. The maximum working height of the battery scissor lift, which you can find in our rental, is 10 meters.

The functional scissor lift GS 2646 E-Drive has a maximum capacity of 454 kg and is ready for you to rent. The maximum weight should not be exceeded, otherwise the device could be damaged. Because of this, the aerial work platform should only be used on firm and even ground in order to prevent any problems that may arise.

Weight 2,447 kg

main group

platform length



max platform depth


min platform depth


platform length extended


max width


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transportation height


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max height




working height

platform height


platform size



item designation


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Hire the Genie scissor lift with around 10 metres

The 9.96 metre electric work platform has an electric front-wheel drive. Tight construction sites are no problem for the scissor lift – the scissor lift even fits through double and single standard doors without any problems.

The Genie Elektro GS-2646 E-Drive rental scissor lift also has a 2.6 m2 platform. The lifting platform can be accessed by up to 2 people at the same time. The Genie work platform has an integrated diagnostic system for quick fault detection or necessary adjustments on site.

Thanks to the built-in electric motor, the electric telescopic platform is very quiet and can therefore also be used in noise-sensitive locations. The scissor lift has a front-wheel drive. Tight construction sites are no problem for the scissor lift.

The advantages of electric scissor lifts

The popularity of electrically powered scissor lifts has increased significantly in recent years. This is mainly due to the environmentally friendly drive, which is very popular with our customers, especially in times of CO2 reduction. In addition, the electric machines make significantly less noise, which makes electric-powered lifts very popular for hire.

And the last point is the much simpler emissions issue, where they can run the 10m scissor lift electric from Genie in the hall without having to provide additional ventilation.

Rent the GS 2646 E-Drive from Genie now

Are you interested in the Genie Elektro GS2646 E-Drive scissor lift for hire? We would be happy to discuss the planned application with you and prepare a customised offer. You too can use this excellent Genie lifting platform on site and hire the 10m scissor lift directly from us.

Are you looking for a different scissor lift model? We are happy to assist you at any time with our scissor lifts for hire – and we don’t just have a wide range of equipment from Genie. We also have other manufacturers of high-quality scissor lifts with electric drive in stock for you.a

Our team of hire experts will provide you with free and binding advice to help you find the right scissor lift for hire. We are there for you throughout Europe.