KTB-400 | Teupen LEO40GTX

working height: 39.50 m
capacity: 400 kg
lateral reach: 16.7 m
dimensions: 9.20m x (6.75m) 1.58m x 1.98m
platform height: 30.50 m
weight: 11900 kg
engine: Bi-Energy
brand: Teupen
model: LEO30T
item designation: KTB-400


  • Working height: 39.50m
  • Platform height: 37.50m
  • Hirizontal outreach: 16.70m
  • Platform size: 1.50m x 0.80m x 1.10m
  • Weight: 11900kg

Rent the LEO40GTX simply and cheaply

You can hire track mounted platform of your choice from our rental department at very fair prices, such as the LEO40GTX from Teupen. In terms of capability, the Teupen LEO40GTX clearly outperforms any other truck-mounted platform. The LEO40GTX has taken architecture to a whole new level with its incredible height access. As a result, this crawler platform very quickly became one of the most frequently rented vehicles in our rental business. An impressive working platform.

Weight 18000 kg

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max width


min width


platform length


transportation height


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max platform depth


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min platform depth





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lateral reach

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Advantages of the Teupen LEO40GTX

It impresses not only with its incredible working height, but also with the special tracked undercarriage from Teupen. The crawler undercarriage is equipped with very sturdy rubber tracks and therefore enables very precise maneuvering of the crawler platform. In addition, the rubber tracks are very gentle on the ground and inclines or stairs are also no problem for the undercarriage. The workman basket of this crawler work platform also impresses with its 180° rotation function. This also ensures greater flexibility during work. This makes it easy to reach areas that are normally difficult to access, such as facades or similar. The LEO40GTX from Teupen also has a very powerful outrigger system. The LEO40GTX can be set up safely and easily on surfaces of different heights and with several set-up variants at the touch of a button using the automatic outrigger system. The automatic support system also compensates for large height differences over obstacles. The intuitive remote control with its 4 joysticks and color-coded functions makes controlling this tracked platform child’s play, even for beginners. With its almost 12 tons, the LEO40GTX also comes with a 400 V electric motor. Whether you need a working height of 25, 16 or 5 meters, this tracked work platform is perfect for the job.

Rent a tracked work platform from Luibl now

Our rental service only offers you spider platforms of exceptionally good quality and at a very fair price. So rent a crawler platform of your choice from Luibl now and start your construction project shortly. Our delivery quality is also incredibly convincing. No matter where we deliver! We have agreed to deliver our tracked work platforms to your satisfaction anywhere in Germany.

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