TB-218 | Genie S-65

working height: 21.8 m
capacity: 227 kg
lateral reach: 17.10 m
platform height: 19.8 m
dimensions: 9.42m (7.60m) x 2.49m x 2.72m
weight: 10449 kg
engine: Diesel
brand: Genie
model: S-65
item designation: TB-218

Telescopic platform 22m Genie S-65

This telescopic work platform from Genie is equipped with a diesel drive. This enables the use of the stage in the interior. The telescopic working platform can only be used outdoors. It is also very flexible, thanks to its innovative joint system, and can manoeuvre easily in tight places. The maximum lifting height is 22 metres. The telescopic riser has a maximum carrying weight of 227 kg. This maximum capacity should not be exceeded, otherwise unintentional damage to the machine may occur. Hire a telescopic platform now too.

Weight 10,449 kg
main group



min width


transportation height


platform length extended


max length


max platform depth


max width


min platform depth


platform length


max height


min length





working height

platform height


lateral reach

platform size



item designation


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Hire the Genie telescopic platform with around 22 metres

The telescopic working platform can travel on gradients of up to 45%. Permanently active oscillating axle system and traction control for outstanding off-road capability. Hiring such a diesel-powered telescopic boom lift is very simple and reliable. In addition, the S-65 has a very spacious platform for its size, making it possible for up to 2 people to walk on it at the same time. Zero load calibration on site and integrated diagnostics system for better service. The built-in diesel engine has a disproportionate amount of power for its size. This makes the platform very all-terrain. Rent a lift now and save time. The telescopic work platform is able to swivel up to 160° degrees. The telescopic boom lift is perfect for small jobs at medium heights. Chassis tilt sensor extends access to hard-to-reach locations. The patented chain design consists of four independent chain triangles that can adjust up and down by 20° to the ground to ensure a smooth ride. The telescopic work platform also has a highly visible yellow colour.

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