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JLG 1500 AJP


  • 48m articulating boom lift
  • Biggest articulating boom lift in the world
  • Perfect for big buildings



  • Worldwide delivery
  • New machines of wellknown brands
  • Big stock of used equipment

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  • Big fleet of special equipment
  • e.G. Telehandler up to 35m height and 12 tons payload
  • e.G. high rack scissor lifts

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Welcome to the Luibl Rental & Sales, your full-service supplier in the themes such as aerial work platforms, construction machinery, forklifts and telehandlers. Variety of special devices are our strength representing us all across the Europe, e.g. in many car plants such as BMW, Mercedes/Daimler, Audi, Jaguar and Porsche. We are supplying craftsmen and industrial companies with rental equipment as well.  Buy the new and used machinery from all leading brands with the best prices at Luibl. Get an offer now! Our rental offers telescopic boom lifts up to 58 meters, scissor lifts up to 34 meters and 1000 kg of load capacity. You can lease forklifts with a load capacity of up to 18 tons and in various forms. Whether electric forklifts, diesel forklifts or rough-terrain forklifts, with Luibl you will always find the right machine to rent.

Telescopic handlers with a lifting height of up to 35 meters and a load capacity of 12 tons are available for immediate rent in our company. Our machines are even cheaper for long-term rentals. The Luibl´s competent rental service team provides you with the right equipment for your construction site. We would be pleased to send you a combined offer for several machines as well. Just contact us, we will take care of the rest! The best prices all across the Europe for long-term rentals of aerial work platforms, forklifts and telehandlers. Furthermore, Luibl supplies with the special machines all over the Europe, e.g. rotating telehandler 35 meters, 16 tons forklift, 28 meters electric scissor lift and 34 meters diesel scissor lift, 12 tons heavy lift telescopic forklift, large telescopic lifts over 40 meters with up to 57 meters working height. Rotary telehandlers from 16 meters up to 35 meters from the well-known manufactures such as Manitou, Merlo and Magni are available for rent & sales. Renting the rotating telehandlers with numerous attachments for example with the basket as a lifting platform or with a winch as a crane makes the work even more efficient and cheaper.

High rise scissor lifts with 22 meters, 28 meters and 33 meters are just some of our special equipment fleet from Luibl. The Luibl rental and sales service with the headquarter in Passau, on the border with Austria and Czech Republic distinguishes itself as a partner for renters and is happy to provide you with the best rental and sales solutions.

Luibl Rental & Sales is specialized in the rental of work platforms, forklifts and telescopic handlers. A basic difference between work platforms are: scissor lifts, articulated boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, truck-mounted platforms, vertical mast lifts and track-mounted access platforms.
The types of the telehandlers are as follow: fixed telehandlers rotary telehandlers and heavy-duty telehandlers.

In the forklift segment, there are three main types of drive: electric, gas and diesel. Furthermore, our rental offers heavy-duty forklifts and rough-terrain forklifts.

There are work platforms and telehandlers for different purposes, branches and usages, for example in construction, production, industry. Our scissor lift products can be of huge help to your business increasing your efficiency and reducing possible delays in the projects, it can be used in different areas such as electrical installations, painting, ventilation systems, maintaining of the systems thanks to its unique reachability. Diesel scissor lifts, mostly equipped with all-wheel-drive help our façade and construction companies to lift the huge façade parts. With the help of the renting our scissor lifts, the working height won´t be the problem for you. Our scissor lifts have the excellent stability with the proper usage of the machines. You can rent the other machines as well, in our huge rental fleet there is always the matching device for the area where needed.
The telescopic boom lifts and articulated boom lifts are of the very good use for hall and industrial building and for mounting & installation service.
For the tradesman, we are offering the truck-mounted platforms to be picked up by yourself, without transport costs.

The Luibl LLC in it´s fleet offers the machinery for the non-reachable terrains like the track mounted access platforms with the gradeability of over 50 %.
A fixed telescopic handler is the all-rounder talent for the building site logistics and always very welcomed aid on the every construction site. The rotary telehandlers are very popular in the branches like concrete building, Industrial plant building, civil engineering etc. Have you still, from hundreds of machines, didn´t find the requested device? Please give us a call or write as an email. We are happy to consult you, from our team of professionals, with the help of which machine you can solve your project or challenge in the best way.
Request now for the non-binding offer of the work platforms, even the better prices for the long-term renting including the safety inspection of the device and yearly service.

The Luibl is the other word for rental of work platforms, telehandlers and forklifts in all big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Graz, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hannover and on over 200 places Europe-wide.

The benefits with the Luibl Rental Services:

  • Modern und well maintained rent machines
  • Cheap prices
  • Flexible delivery
  • Europe-wide delivery
  • Delivery with our own trucks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.
  • Reliable and on time delivery
  • The fast local service – avoiding big downtime
  • Schooling for all types of machines
  • Huge warehouse with the high-quality used machines for sale
  • One contact person for all working platforms, forklifts and telehandlers.

Rent and buy working platforms, telehandler and fork lifts in whole Europe and it´s capitals: Austria: Vienna, Belgium: Brussels, Bulgaria: Sofia, Croatia: Zagreb, Cyprus: Nicosia, Czech Republic: Prague, Denmark: Copenhagen, Estonia: Tallinn, Finland: Helsinki, France: Paris, Germany: Berlin, Greece: Athens, Hungary: Budapest, Ireland: Dublin, Italy: Rome, Latvia: Riga, Lithuania: Vilnius, Luxembourg: Luxembourg City, Malta: Valletta, Netherlands: Amsterdam, Poland: Warsaw, Portugal: Lisbon, Romania: Bucharest, Slovakia: Bratislava, Slovenia: Ljubljana, Spain: Madrid and Sweden: Stockholm

Besides, you can rent the construction machinery, truck cranes, mini cranes, forklifts, telescopic handlers.