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Haulotte is a French scissor lift company founded in 1881 and based in Lorette. The company started out manufacturing ladders and ladder systems before moving into aerial work platform/scissor lift production in the 1970s.

Hire Haulotte working platforms from Luibl!

Haulotte diesel scissor lifts available at Luibl!

Haulotte telescopic lifts available at Luibl!

working height: 12.06 m
capacity: 450 kg
platform size: (3.7m) 2.45m x 1.45m
engine: Diesel


working height: 14 m
lateral reach: 10.3 m
capacity: 230 kg
engine: Diesel


working height: 11.68 m
lateral reach: 7.22 m
capacity: 230 kg
engine: electric


working height: 27.50 m
lateral reach: 22.6 m
capacity: 350 kg
engine: Diesel


working height: 18 m
capacity: 500 kg
platform size: (5.91m) 3.91m x 1.81m
engine: Diesel


working height: 15 m
capacity: 500 kg
platform size: (5.91m) 3.91m x 1.81m
engine: Diesel


working height: 10.15 m
capacity: 565 kg
platform size: (3.7m) 2.45m x 1.45m
engine: Diesel


working height: 10 m
lateral reach: 3 m
capacity: 200 kg
platform size: 0.78m x 0.98m
engine: electric


Haulotte available from Luibl

Welcome to the world of Haulotte at Luibl – your reliable partner for high-quality work platforms and lifting solutions! Immerse yourself in our wide range of scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, vertical mast lifts and trailer-mounted platforms and take your work processes to the next level.

Our Haulotte work platforms, including the powerful Haulotte Compact 8, the versatile Haulotte Optimum 8, the compact Haulotte Star 10, the robust Haulotte HA16 RTJ PRO and the powerful Haulotte HT23 RTJ PRO, offer you maximum flexibility and efficiency on the construction site or in other working environments.

Whether you need to carry out maintenance work, installations or inspections, our Haulotte access platforms are the ideal solution for your requirements.

At Luibl, you not only have the opportunity to hire the latest Haulotte models, but also to buy used work platforms that offer you first-class performance at an affordable price. You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise to find the right lifting solution for your projects.

Discover the outstanding possibilities with Haulotte work platforms today at Luibl – your partner for professional work solutions!

Haulotte – The manufacturer for working platforms 

In the following decades, Haulotte developed into one of the leading manufacturers of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts with diesel engines. Today, the brand has a global presence with offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. Haulotte’s company history is characterised by innovation and commitment to quality and safety for use at any working height. Haulotte has been awarded numerous patents for its technologies and design solutions and is a major player in the scissor lift and access platform industry.  Hire a Haulotte work platform/scissor lift from Luibl now at great rates! With a diesel engine, a working height of up to 34 metres and a platform load capacity of up to 750 kg, our construction machines are ideal for any work at height. Whether Haulotte Star 6, Star 8, Compact 8 or Haulotte Compact, our machines convince with their reliability and functionality thanks to good condition. The Haulotte Star models use telescopic mast technology.

Our range of Haulotte equipment

With our Haulotte scissor lift, you can work safely and easily at heights of up to 12 metres, while the self-propelled Star 6 and Star 10 work platforms allow you to move around the construction site with ease. Our electric models are not only environmentally friendly, but also particularly quiet, making them perfect for use in sensitive environments. Whether you need a mast platform, a Haulotte aerial work platform or a scissor lift, we have the right offer for you. With Luibl you have a reliable partner at your side and can rely on optimal working hours.

Enquire now and get an individual offer for your next construction project. Contact us by enquiry or phone and learn more about our construction machines with the proven quality of Haulotte.

Scissor Lifts by Haulotte 

Our scissor lifts provide you with a safe and reliable working platform at any height, whether for maintenance, repairs or construction work. Our scissor lifts are available in a variety of drive systems, including diesel and electric scissor lifts as well as the compact Haulotte Compact.
Our scissor lifts offer you a working platform with a maximum working height of 43 m, depending on the model. With a payload capacity of up to 750 kg, our scissor lift work platform is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for any type of work for several people on one platform. The Haulotte Compact 8 model is very compact when retracted, with a good 2 metres of height.
Our scissor lifts are mobile and robust, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With a platform size of up to 6 x 2 metres and a load capacity of up to 750 kg, you can do your work safely and efficiently at any height.
Our scissor lifts are easy to operate and meet the highest safety standards. With technical specifications that impress, our scissor lifts are the perfect choice for any type of work.
Rent your scissor lift and work platform from Haulotte now and benefit from our first-class service and maintenance. Contact us now to enquire about our scissor lifts, including electric scissor lifts, cherry pickers and more. We will be happy to help you choose the right unit for your work and inform you about prices and installation. Work safely and effectively with Haulotte!

Hire scissor lifts from Haulotte at Luibl  

Are you looking for a reliable solution for your height access needs? Then the rental of Haulotte working platforms from Luibl is the perfect choice for you! As an authorised dealer of Haulotte construction equipment, we offer a wide range of access platforms, including the popular Haulotte Star 10 and Haulotte Optimum models.
Our machines offer you an impressive reach and working height to reach even the highest working areas. With our self-propelled platforms, you can move flexibly and safely around the construction site. We provide the right offer to meet your requirements and budgets.
The future of construction machinery is in access technology and Haulotte Germany is one of the leading manufacturers. If you need a fast and reliable solution for your height access needs, contact Haulotte Hubarbeitsbühnen GmbH and rent one of our work platforms/scissor lifts today.

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