Merlo – Telescopic technology made in Italy 

Merlo telehandlers are an integral part of our rental fleet. The Italian company offers a wide range of construction machinery and attachments. In the field of telescopic handlers, they are among the best on the market. Merlo offers suitable models with ideal lifting height and power depending on your needs. A quality feature of Merlo telehandlers is the comfort and seat ergonomics, even after many hours in the vehicle. With over 48,000 telehandlers in operation worldwide, Merlo is one of the largest Italian companies of its kind. The company is headquartered in the northern Italian municipality of Cervasca. The company is represented worldwide with locations in  Australia, France, Spain, England, Poland and Germany. Merlo Deutschland GmbH (Bremen) has been successfully active in the market as a sales and after-sales organization for Merlo telehandler machines for 25 years.

lifting height: 28 m
lateral reach: 20.5 m
capacity: 7000 kg
dimensions: 8.31m x 2.54m x 3.325m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 24.2 m
lateral reach: 20.5 m
capacity: 7000 kg
dimensions: 7.545m x 2.49m x 3.16m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 34 m
lateral reach: 27 m
capacity: 4950 kg
dimensions: 8.59m x 2.54m x 3.325m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 29.2 m
lateral reach: 25.4 m
capacity: 4950 kg
dimensions: 7.79m x 2.49m x 3.16m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 21 m
lateral reach: 17.9 m
capacity: 4950 kg
dimensions: 6.83m x 2.43m x 3.12m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 26 m
lateral reach: 22.9 m
capacity: 4950 kg
dimensions: 7.15m x 2.43m x 3.12m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 15.8 m
lateral reach: 13.2 m
capacity: 4000 kg
dimensions: 6.28m x 2.24m x 2.98m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 9.6 m
lateral reach: 6.5 m
capacity: 3000 kg
dimensions: 4.60m x 2.10m x 2.12m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 17.70 m
lateral reach: 15 m
capacity: 4000 kg
dimensions: 6.03m x 2.24m x 3.03m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 5.9 m
lateral reach: 3.3 m
capacity: 2700 kg
dimensions: 3.91m x 1.84m x 1.95m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 12.6 m
lateral reach: 8.6 m
capacity: 3800 kg
dimensions: 5.24m x 2.22m x 2.44m
engine: Diesel


lifting height: 16.7 m
lateral reach: 12.5 m
capacity: 4000 kg
dimensions: 5.80m x 2.40m x 2.51m
engine: Diesel


All machines available from Luibl

Welcome to the world of Merlo at Luibl – your reliable partner for high-quality telehandlers and lifting solutions! Immerse yourself in our wide range of telehandlers, rotors, scissor lifts, forklifts and work platforms and take your work processes to the next level.

Our Merlo telehandlers, including the powerful Merlo P40.7, the versatile Merlo P38.13, the compact Merlo P27.6, the robust Merlo P50.18 and the powerful Merlo P120.10, offer you maximum flexibility and efficiency on the construction site or in other working environments.

Whether you need to lift loads, transport materials or carry out precise work at height – our Merlo telehandlers are the ideal solution for your requirements.

At Luibl, you not only have the opportunity to hire the latest Merlo models, but also to buy used telehandlers that offer you first-class performance at an affordable price. You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise to find the right lifting solution for your projects.

Discover the outstanding possibilities with Merlo telehandlers today at Luibl – your partner for professional work solutions!

Merlo for hire or purchase of used machines

If you are interested in a used machine, Merlo telescopic handlers can also be purchased directly from a second-hand dealer or at an attractive price from Luibl itself. Each used machine is professionally evaluated in advance and, if desired, also repaired. Whether it’s a Roto telehandler or one of Merlo’s other telehandler models, Merlo Germany’s spare parts inventory includes 95% of all parts ever installed and ships them overnight. Another advantage of the used machines  is that through the complete machine – documentation they get an exact insight into the performed operating hours, the year of manufacture, the exact series and much more. Receive a fair quote for a used machine upon request. If you prefer to remain flexible in the use of the machines, then you can conveniently rent a Roto and many other top series from Luibl.

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Telescopic handler models

Our rental fleet offers a variety of current Merlo telehandler models with payloads up to 12 tons and lift heights up to 17.7 meters. Three types of telehandlers are distinguished here:

  • Rigid telescopic handlers
  • Roto telescopic handler
  • Heavy duty telescopic handler

Among Merlo’s rigid telescopic handlers, the P 40.17 model offers a full 16.7 m of lift height, making it among the top performers in the field. The highest lifting capacity among Panoramic telescopic handlers is provided by the P 72.10 model with 7,200kg. For more flexibility in use, you can use a Roto. With an endlessly rotating upper carriage as well as the already integrated lifting platform preparation, you can reach every corner of the construction site with a Roto and are always safe thanks to outriggers. The Merlo Roto 45.21 is a rotating telescopic handler with a maximum lifting capacity of max 4500 kg and 21 m lifting height. Complementing this, the Merlo Roto can be ideally equipped with a fold-out work platform to make working at height easy and safe. The rotating Merlo Roto series offers the possibility of a platform size of up to four meters, which eliminates the need for a truck mounted platform. Furthermore, we rent out the appropriate attachments for every Merlo telescopic handler. For example, we have standard forks of 1.2 m that are attached to a forklift. If you need a telescopic machine with maximum lifting capacity, you can rent a heavy-duty telescopic loader. The Merlo P 120.10 HM telescopic handler lifts a full 12 tons through the air with a lifting height of max 9.8m. The compact forklift, the Merlo P 72.10, with a transport height of 9.4m, enables load capacity values of 7,200kg at a lower price. So no matter how much lift height or lifting capacity you need, you can always find a solution to your problems with a rotating Roto, heavy-duty telehandler or rigid Merlo telehandler. Just send us a request and we will present you our offer.

In order to meet our performance standards, we only offer construction machinery from specialists. A Roto model offers you an overall concept of safety, flexibility and comfort. We are convinced of the quality and technical data of the products and are happy to make your life a bit easier.

In addition to rigid telescopic handlers, heavy-duty telescopic handlers and Merlo Roto models, Merlo offers agricultural machinery. The concept of “turbofarmers” originated in 1996 and has continued to evolve to this day. The Merlo Multifarmer is a combination of a classic tractor and a telescopic handler. Depending on the lifting capacity and height, the Multifarmer telescopic handler is available from the dealer in four different versions. The most powerful Multifarmers offer up to 9 m lifting height. Hereby they benefit from the advantages of a telescopic forklift, but at the same time remain flexible in operation due to the three-point suspension and a PTO shaft at the rear.


The history of the company began in 1911 in a small mechanic’s workshop on Via Amadeo Rossi 16 in Cuneoan, northern Italy. Guiseppe Merlo started the success story of Merlo S.p.A. with the forging hammer. He founded his company Merlo S.p.A. and initially dealt with the production of wrought iron and steel parts. after moving to Cervasca due to lack of space, Merlo started to produce construction machinery in 1964. On 11.02.1992 the company merged with the stevedoring company D. Heinrichs Gmbh & Co. KG of Dietrich Heinrichs and founds the Heinrichs-Merlo Teleskoptechnik Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. At that time, the company D. Heinrichs GmbH & Co KG manufactures industrial and rough terrain forklifts. They became an efficient producer of modern telescopic machines. Heinrichs-Merlos activity has been the driver for increasing acceptance and success of telescopic machines since day one. On 01.08.2022 the company was renamed Merlo Deutschland GmbH.